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    Think the shoes are good enough. Those shoes you guys suggested would anyway not be clear through the gown material.A smile would have elevated this look. Whatever happened to her pretty smile?

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    Yes , berry lips would be nice as she went so pale on her make up . Her face hands are too pale with over 2 or 3 shades. Her stylist I guess is also her personal assistant .

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      the bright flash also creates the more whiteish look… the pics she uploaded on twitter look nicer with the better lighting.

      and her personal assistant is not her stylist, her PA is a guy and her stylist is a women :)

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        Wow mk, you seem to know lot about Samantha but I disagree with you on the makeup even after checking out twitter pics and stylist will not accompany their celebrity to every function only pa’s would do that since their time is more valuable

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          Even I have so many common friends with Samantha. So I won’t be surprised if mk is Sam(samantha’s nick ;)’s friend and she does know the actual details on who the PA and stylist are. I did see some pics on fb and the make up looked normal. She is anyway not dusky dusky.

          1. Sonia at |

            Adara now it’s clearly evident you are mk and as well as adara and I won’t be surprised if you are samantha’s stylist as well. Regarding her makeup all agree with me so I don’t like debate or take it on my favorite blog. So stop self promotingy yourself

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            LOL wow how naive and ignorant of you to think that just because two people are supporting someone they are the same person.

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          Ha ha! Sonia, you don’t have to try this hard to make your stand justified. It is a common sight in South to see movie actors outing at clubs,up scale restaurants. It is also to common to have mutual friends with them. I don’t know why that is so difficult for you to understand. lol. I don’t care who mk is and if you think we are the same that is okay too but the fact remains that the make up is not white washed neither is she “dusky” :)

          1. Sonia at |

            Yes Adara/ Neeraja Kona, fact remains that makeup is white washed and your explanation is not working.

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          Haha… i am just a fan of her…but she is very interactive with her fans and i know quite a few who know her personally. So I know for a fact that her stylist is Neeraja Kona and her personality assistant is a boy named Arya. Lol and I am not Adara, my name is Mythri thank you.

          1. mk at |

            *personal assistant

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    The dress is just okay. Especially considering the prettier options that Tadashi Shioji offers

    That being said its nice to know that these actresses choose affordable clothing for these fancy events. Sonia, I agree with you on the foundation – the hands seem painted too (points for being consistent perhaps?. With she would stick to her natural skin tone.

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      meant wish she would

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      I really wonder about her natural skin tone. She looks pale in most of her appearances, but she’s supposed to be dusky. Baffling !!

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    what a disappointment this award show has been in terms of fashion.. not one amazingly dressed woman in sight..

    i expected more Samantha after that gorgeous sabya from vijay awards

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    What a beautiful gown! I cant take my eyes off of it..

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    The gown is gorgeous and fits her well. I am loving the make up too. Strappy silver shoes might have looked nice but these black ones arent a bad choice either.

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    PnP Please also feature Khushboo. She is always well dressed in a classy saree and perfect make up. Yet each look differs from the next.

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