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  1. Almitra at | | Reply

    It looks like a half-Apron.. Chef anyone?

  2. Sarah at | | Reply

    yeah!!! not a fan of the dress at all…sorry dont mean to be rude.

  3. lavanya at | | Reply

    LOL. You reminded me of Rhett Butler ripping off O Hara’s dress to make her look more appropriate for the event in question in the sequel of Gone with the Wind.
    By the way , the sequel wasn’t that good except for the tiny part where Rhett gets mad at her overboard dress (or may I say wTHeyyy dress) and rip, rip , rips off the lace and frills. ( so typically Rhett)

    1. Megha at | | Reply

      There was a sequel?
      Learn something every day!

  4. amber at | | Reply

    wasn”t there a similar dress at some award ceremony??

  5. RM at | | Reply

    P&P : the shoes went unnoticed !! I love the shoes she is wearing

  6. Pooja at | | Reply

    Who is she again? Sorry so many née bees its hard to keep track.

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