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  1. ak at | | Reply

    It’s too bad, because she’s so beautiful – she is a stylist’s dream! Also, those two cover spreads really raised expectations, and given the nature of this movie, this promo tour would be perfect to rock the desi vibe in so many ways. Still, she’s new and hopefully she will figure things out, as I really think she has the power to stun on a regular basis, given the right look.

  2. Avani at | | Reply

    Meh. All those looks have been done to death. She really needs to change up her hair. Looks the same in all.

  3. Sup at | | Reply

    She looks great.. glad to have a newcomer comfortable in her skin (and hair) and not treating regular movie promotions like a red carpet appearance.
    I just wish she hadn’t picked up the quintessential bollywood ‘pehelwan-slapping-his-thigh’ pose.
    She looks lovely despite it.

  4. Nina at | | Reply

    Hate the white dress and the off-the shoulder look has been beaten to death already (atleast here in North America)! She’s a pretty girl but there are so many prettier and (likely more talented) girls who would rarely ever get to star in a ROPM movie, let alone for their debut. Connections are everything in Bollywood.

  5. Za at | | Reply

    Frida Kahlo is queen and that sweatshirt is so F-ing bomb.

    Those shorts are total crap for this classy AF sweatshirt. I want one bad.

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