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      ew is right! why is the tshirt tucked in with the nada visibile. fail on many levels. facec looks fresh and rested though

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    Not complaining neck up though – hot. A & F track pants – umm what is he – in high school or something.

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    A 40 year old wearing A&F track pants??? What’s wrong with these ppl!!

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    Tracker pants? Really!!!

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    someone, bet they are Kareena’s ?

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      OMG I thought that too @ first sight.

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    Which is the biggest turn-off here?
    1.A 40+ year old man wearing sweatpants.
    2.A 40+ year old man wearing ABERCROMBIE sweatpants.
    3.A 40+ year old man wearing ABERCROMBIE sweatpants with a friggin LILAC t-shirt.
    4.A 40+ year old man wearing ABERCROMBIE sweatpants with a friggin lilac V-NECK t-shirt. (Check out the hint of man-cleave ladies.)
    5.A 40+ year old man wearing ABERCROMBIE sweatpants with a friggin lilac V-NECK t-shirt that is a size too small, a la the sophisticated men of Jersey Shore.
    6.A 40+ year old man wearing ABERCROMBIE sweatpants, with a friggin lilac V-NECK t-shirt that is a size too small and TUCKED INTO AFOREMENTIONED SWEATS.
    7. The entire ensemble topped off with some dress shoes/boots(?).
    I mean, I just…I can’t.

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      PS – I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt wrt the dork glasses (I wear them myself because I can’t get contacts); I just wished he had used them when he was getting dressed.

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          rvc – you made me laugh :) funny funny funny :)

          1. sabrina at |

            phew this belongs in the hall of fame of what not to wear

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        ha ha ha

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        rvc: My sentiments exactly, written about – oh, a million times – better than I could have! I’m still laughing out loud.

        P&P, I do hope you feature more men on your site. Indian male celebrities have a subterranean fashion sense and are an untapped mine of hilarity.

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    Please dont tell me that A&F stands for Abercrombie and Fitch!!! Saif, oh no you didnt! mid-life crisis much?

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    hhmm.. t-shirt tucked-in trackers???.. wonder how the back view is ;-)

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      That comment had me laughing out loud till my eyes started to tear.. oh my!

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    ha hah hah haha.

    What a loser!

    Who would evem wanna step out of their house looking like that ;p

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    Or for that matter, who would even wanna look like that in their house. Bwahahaaha.
    Shocking Especially coming from Saif

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    yes the outfit is tacky. and YES HE IS SO DAMN HOT!!

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    that outfit is really awful. maybe he was heading out to a yoga class. his body looks so buff though. yum. lucky kareena ;-)

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    Oh good lord! and this is a ‘fashion’ icon…someone who needs to dress well and look good as part of his job? godness gracious!

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    This is a fail on EPIC proportions – if ever there were a Male WTheyyyy…there it is!1

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    Since it’s Saif looking so handsome, I just cannot find it in me to complain.

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    Hilarious comments !! really had a good laugh…Lol !!

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    If any of you watch ‘Big Bang Theory’, you probably are familiar with a character called ‘Captain Sweatpants’, a guy who frequents a comic book store and wears his t-shirts tucked into his
    sweatpants, thats what I am gonna call Saif, ‘Captain Sweatpants’, there is just no excuse for this look.

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    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww, he digged into Kareena’s wardrobe I think…

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