1. i love katrina’s outfit here. sagarika’s looks very blah to me. can someone please tell us where katrina’s top is from? i would so love to get these beautiful tops, but they’re so hard to find here in the states. the closest to a nicely fitting kurti is tory burch, but who wants to pay $300 for a flimsy cotton kurti???

  2. definitely tunic with skinny jeans. one needs to be tall and pencil thin to carry off a short top with skinny jeans – clearly why sagarika isnt looking as good as katrina

    u guys shud add the poll option for this post

  3. IF i had the figure, I would wear a tight/short tee with skinny jeans. But ONLY if I had the figure. Else tunic all the way!

  4. Would love to wear skinny jeans with a tunic like that.I also wanted to ask the question PeachBellini asked.P & P It will be great if you guys can let us know where can we shop for tunics.

  5. katrina’s look is much better. she clearly knows what suits her. the tunic is cute. i don’t like sagarika’s blue top and she looks too layered for summer.

  6. When your thighs look like they’re about to pop outta your jeans… spare humanity by covering them. Katrina looks adorable.

  7. i go with katrina’s outfit

    & i actually think that priyanka chopra also carries skinny jeans way better than katrina and sagarika

    i love sagarika’s shoes!!

  8. Would love to wear katrina’s tunic as dress if it was slightly longer in length..or maybe it is the right length for me since I am not as tall as Katrina:-)

  9. I am too too short 5’2″ lol : ))… But I am thin and have a little curvy figure… I love short tops with my skinnies It makes me lok taller. I love tunic too… but I feel short tops and Tees loks better on me.


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