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  1. Filmi Girl at | | Reply

    Hard Kaur looks adorable! I like the one on the far left best, though…

  2. mishal at | | Reply

    i like how it’s worn in the far right pic.. hard kaur looks great in it too! i think she’s a bit short for it tho. the dress looks best on the taller ones, ie the two models.

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I agree, the dress looks better on the taller and the thinner’
    Hard still looks good though

  4. Rashmi at | | Reply

    i love it in all the avatars…

  5. me at | | Reply

    I think Hard Kaur body type and face looks more italian than indian and make her unique in the industry, am I the only one who thinks that or you guys agree with me, she is different and kinda cute in anything she wears

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