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  1. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Amen Payal!!! :) the girl just needs to get a grip and let go of that 60s hair style…she mentioned in an interview that she hates styling her hair so she just ties it up all the time but c’mon there’s a limit to everything.

    Even if you do your own hair, one can come up so many styles and some don’t even take a long time to style.

  2. ragini at | | Reply

    I know the 60’s style is getting on her nerves but I have to say she is one cool woman.

    We met her at one of our friend’s home in Jodhpur who had invited a ghazal artist for the evening. Soha was down to earth and incredibly intelligent and well informed about international politics and even investment. Her English is impeccable and all I can say she is no run of the mill bimbos we have in Mumbai.

    Yes, a good haircut will help her case. :)

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I wonder what Bollywood celebrities have to do with Olympics anyway? Probably this is why India fails to win even a single gold every time. We are too focused on Bollywood celebrities and “officials” who attend the Olympics in larger numbers than sportspersons.

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