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‘Slumdog Millionaire’ child actors, Rubina and Azharuddin walked the runway for designers Ashima and Leena and boy did they look cute or what! I particularly love the pic of Azharuddin with Rubina’s maang tikka. So adorable!

rubina-azharuddin-ashima-leena.jpg ashima-rubina-azharuddin.jpg

Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail For Ashima Leena at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week


Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail For Ashima Leena at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week



  1. Awww. How totally adorable. look at rubina, she’s beaming! and azharuddin looks just so nice. i cant stop looking at the picture now.

  2. i feel really sad looking at these images. This is true exploitation. The kids have nothing to do with the show theme. Obviously the designers want some publicity… its one thing to use bollywood actors and actresses but leave the kids alone.

    PS. phalguni and shane used kids to showcase a new line… totally understandable.

  3. Aahh!! Finally .. the actual deserving stars from the SM team are seen.. its so lovely to see them. I wish this is not their 15 minutes of fame and things do turn around for these kinds for the better owing to the success of SM. . I just hope they dont get lost into oblivion a few years down the line!! AND yes, they both look soooooooooo cute here.

  4. Awww my lord, they are just beaming. I’m so happy for them. The kids or their parents must’ve done something really right in life to deserve this.

  5. Where can I find collections from other designers that are not posted here? My cousin is presenting a collection for men and I want see what he comes up with.

  6. Great goodness they’re ADORABLE….but for their own sakes, I hope the hype around them dies down and they can go back to having normal childhoods (or as normal as is possible, anyway). It’d be hard for any kid’s head not to be turned by all this fuss, and I’m not so comfy with the idea of children being used as fashion models/cute gimmicks.

  7. Better doing fashion modeling, advertisements (gimmick or not) than rutting it out in the slum. the lives these kids lead in the slum, the scale of exploitation without any returns is unimaginable. they do not lead ‘normal’ lives in the slum..i feel they have been blessed with a chance to get out of it.. they look adorable and happy!


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