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  1. Emma at | | Reply

    I wish Celebs would stop trying to convert runway looks into red carpet ones…they must have stylists or friends, right? I mean, someone must stop and say, “please don’t wear that?” or are they all extracting some evil revenge?

  2. Pitu at | | Reply

    While I don’t like the first sari pic, I think the second one looks decent. Not as good as the TT one but still pretty nonetheless. And Shivani has a great waistline. I like this trend a lot.. Deepika Padukone did the whole white sari- kamar bandh thing but the sari color and makeup washed her out. A few yrs ago, Raajeshwari Sachdev wore a navy blue sari with a silver kamar bandh and looked va va voom! She’d worn hers inside the sari and had a chhalla showing. It looked amazing!

  3. Ritu at | | Reply

    I don’t mind the trend but don’t like the pics. I am sure someone can carry this off well. I really cannot see Shivani’s waistline. Like my cousin used to say, she has a “kamara” not a “kamar”.

  4. boo_boo at | | Reply

    I actually really do like her second sari. But the hideous “kamar-band” thing takes away all the beauty. I think people should stick to the traditional kamar-band inside the sari..It gives it a little pop without looking like crap!

  5. jaya at | | Reply

    looooove the tarun tahiliani look– is that like a halter waistcoat on the saree??

  6. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Love Tarun’s Look on Carol! The lady looks awful. Wonder who told her she could get out in the public looking like that (black saree)
    The white saree is nice…and the make up is pretty good too.

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