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  1. Prashanti at | | Reply

    Link’s not working

  2. pan at | | Reply

    While the dress is just about ok… I am not a big fan of the balloon silhoutte .. certainly not at the hip area that Roshni has worn just a big nono for indian women we are hippy;) hehehehe

  3. bella at | | Reply

    its hard to tell without a full length picture, that said, I prefer the pink on roshni it’s more a colour I would wear.

  4. pearl at | | Reply

    no its very ordinary. this sort of outfit is so much about the wearer. while it looks so nice on katrina, its really quite blah on roshni.

  5. KT at | | Reply

    on roshni, it looks like its from forever 21!

  6. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    the top makes roshni look like a pink jelly tot.

  7. Ritu at | | Reply

    Roshni does NOT have the body for this one. I wish people like her would remember that just because it looks good on a supermodel does not mean it will look good on you! no offence

  8. debs at | | Reply

    This dress in its variations is available in every store worth it’s salt. Nothing remarkable about it.

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