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  1. Fashion PlusCompassion at | | Reply

    I beg to differ. There is no rule that says only Western wear is acceptable at Polo matches. Our men wear full on suits to Indian weddings, so why not the reverse? She looks absolutely wonderful!

    1. soni at | | Reply

      I came to comment on the same fact and saw you had already commented on it ..
      @pnP : In case your comment was on Indian attire
      You think royalties from India would wear Western Garb to Polo matches just to indulge Fashion Police? They look regal in their Indian wear. Case in Point Rajmata Gayatri devi.

      In case your comment is regarding the bling : Please ignore my earlier comment

  2. ash at | | Reply

    I get it!! Polo is a lot more an Indian game…. She has gone with the “Maharani of today” look!!! I loved it!!

  3. Sneha at | | Reply

    Though I am all about Indian clothes, this is too “baraati” (red bindi, maang tikka and just too much red) for the event.

  4. Priyancka at | | Reply

    I get that she wants to be different at the polo match by going the indian wear look … but this is really too gimmicky!
    She could have easily worn a saree and add the glam quotient to it!
    This is very filmy!

  5. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    what the HECK is this?! is she an extra from Dabangg?

    1. Farrah at | | Reply

      bahahahahah +10000 … i really don’t get the pro comments on here …

    2. Adara at | | Reply


  6. kishmish at | | Reply

    she’s looking like she’s stepped off the sets of mahabharat

  7. Nuttyneha at | | Reply

    What the hell was she thinking! I can’t believe people like this :?

  8. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    These are the people that give Delhi a bad name :-/

    I don’t think Indian wear is inappropriate at a polo event at all. Hello Jodhpurs. But seriously, a maang tika and a haanth phool? Those are strictly wedding wear.

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