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  1. tan ta da! at | | Reply

    all those who DETEST plagiarism say nayy!!

    1. charan at | | Reply

      Shameless Shameless Plagiarism!!!!

  2. koel at | | Reply

    Looks to me like a blatant copy of somebody’s idea. Also, the current Indian PM may be a good PM but he does not have that much star power…

    Disclaimer: I do not have much knowledge about the current Indian politics and Obama is loosing his popularity in the last 9 months but I still thought that the current Indian PM is not once in a millennium kind of celebrity.

    1. Dits at | | Reply

      I totally agree. It is just a copy of some one else’s idea! And I like the Obama and would wear it.. but the Indian PM’s ..meh!

    2. koel at | | Reply

      Actually ! come to think about it , It looks more like a campaign T shirt . I don’t think these kind of shirts have any market other than the election year….

      I would think that ppl would put their kids pics after getting inspired this but wait aren’t moms doing that for like 50 years ?

      Bottom line: the one on the left looks like a long t shirt for 2012 and the right one looks like a shameless copy of the not so original idea on the left.

  3. Stuti at | | Reply

    You guys always crack me up. :)
    This dress is too cute. I want so bad. And loook, the model looks so happy wearing it!

  4. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    Manmohan Ji’s pic is so cute, wowwww..

    i love it.

  5. Not Impressed at | | Reply

    maybe the image of our esteemed PM should me a moved a tad higher– the umm..position is a bit disconcerting

    1. Sej at | | Reply

      LOL exactly what I thought.

      1. Saya at | | Reply

        Ha, yes! Mr.Singh looking downward makes it more awkward.:D

  6. KP at | | Reply

    loving it …….

  7. Rezia at | | Reply

    I love the Obama dress. I love the President that way…anything alluding to him I think alludes to hope and that’s always good. I missed a really important microbiology lab just to watch his inaguration. He’s pretty awesome.

    I like that the PM is getting similar treatment, but something about how plagiarised this is makes me cringe. So I realllly hate the sentiment behind the second dress (plagiarism rather than a love of “hope and change”).

  8. Sushma Raju at | | Reply

    Manmohan jee Say cheese!!!

  9. Megha at | | Reply

    Firmly in the ‘love it’ bin!
    not sure i’d wear it lol…but can definitely appreciate it or someone else pulling it off
    trying to think of anyone in the celeb socialite crowd who could!

  10. mj15 at | | Reply

    straight up plagiarism!! but i still love the idea of our cute, balding sardi PM on a dres…i’d probably wear it to a halloween party or to the independence day parade in new york and shock all the jersey desis out of their minds ;-)

    1. annie at | | Reply

      Balding PM! How would you know that since he always wears a turban? I love the colors of both the dresses.

  11. divi at | | Reply

    Loving it on the ramp. But not sure where one would wear this otherwise? Election day may be?

  12. rak at | | Reply

    Barack, you mean… not barRack !

  13. Preeti at | | Reply

    Something about the positioning of PM’s pic is a bit concerning =/

  14. Saniya at | | Reply

    How original.


  15. josie at | | Reply

    copy much? somebody should give the designer a dictonary and tell her to look up the word plagarism.

  16. pdaervo at | | Reply

    although it IS plagarism- but I like the idea (but not the fact that Rohit stole it)

  17. sim at | | Reply

    There’s going to be protests in India aren’t there…burning effigies is a national pass time ha ha

    1. pia at | | Reply

      what nonsense.

      1. belle desse at | | Reply

        wow I LOVE how evolved, sensitive and politically correct you are. And I’m also glad to note that you are intelligent enough not to make arrogant generalizations and broadly sweeping statements

        @ pia: aww…that’s the kind of response my mom would have (and I mean that in the NICEST way possible)

  18. Deepika at | | Reply

    I WANT I WANT!!This is too f*****g fabulous…another I <3 NY phenomenon!!

  19. Priyanka at | | Reply

    haha nevermind the plagiarism! Our prime minister is so cute lol

  20. div at | | Reply

    niiice… very manish arora like i must say.(boy, i loove manish arora’s artistic creations.) I wont say anything about the idea and if it was ripped off or not.

    And whoever says manmohan singh isnt a celebrity should think twice. He’s been ruling the roost two terms over… he’s a silent charmer when it comes to getting things done.
    ( I am very glad its him and not some narendra modi face on that dress…every dress made in his honour would be a funny sick orange.yelch!)

    And as for the obama dress, man wouldnt it be wonderfully hilarious to see michelle obama in it?

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