1. T, it’s just you, I think this collection is actually pretty nice.The outfit to the right of the last row is wearable in real life. If only I had her legs…

  2. T, it’s not just you. i think the same. except the last outfit on the right, which is better than blah, but still not fabulous.

  3. lord…. i see so many european designers in this collection…its not even funny.. the lakshmi dress is the only one with some thought..

  4. The black dress in the first row second column is very reminiscent of the black dress from Rami Kashou’s final collection for Project runway, and agree with Rashi abt the last dress.

  5. rashi, thats exactly what i thought at first sight! as for the others..well the model in the second row left…her expression says it all!

    T, ur not alone!

  6. The white dress would make for an edgy prom outfit. I love the second outfit in the 3rd pair- save for the silver hem, I would rock that! ;)

  7. such a BLAH collection! except the first one that can be worn to a special event and the last one. well about the rest, anyone else up for a comment? lol xx


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