1. These kind of dresses look like something most people would wear under an outfit not as an outfit in itself. The first one is a mess in particular because the shoes so don’t go with the dress.

  2. i think i heard one of the judges from project runaway “short & shiny is trashy” or something like that..this is fine if you;re a 17 year old going to a prom…for pete’s sake I can see the lines of your underwear!!!!

  3. this dress is soooo tacky. she looks like a cocktail waitress in some third class divy blue collar bar in the middle of nowhere. isn’t riya part of some royal family? i read that she used to spend holidays with the late great gayatri devi. shame her elegance didn’t rub off.

  4. these actresses they think that by wearing such dresses they will look sexy. but they forget to look at themselves in the mirror before going out! at the end of the day they look stupid. They know only one thing that they have money so anything can be bought and worn. sense of style matters a lot.


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