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  1. fashion addict at | | Reply

    desi PCD in de makin … ??? !!!

  2. Ritu at | | Reply

    HORRIBLE! :( Why does she do this??? Miss WTHeyyy 2008 and I am afraid she’ll also carry the title in 2009.

  3. K at | | Reply

    WOW! …. got not words on this faux pas.

    I’ve noticed that she wears really loud make up as well. also, a little working out and toning won’t hurt her.

  4. ar00j at | | Reply

    her and suneeta rao (lady who wore the red bra through the lace sari blouse) are prob in the midst of becoming bfffffff’s!!!… or rather already are… =X

  5. ar00j at | | Reply

    orrrrr maybe they’re rivals…
    and actually if we judge them purely on choice of lingerie they def dont win points either… so they def don’t have brains for fashion.

  6. malini at | | Reply

    OH MY GOD.. SOME body please banish her along with SUNITA RAO..NOW

  7. apsara77 at | | Reply

    i think she’s aiming to one up the woman who was wearing the see through blouse with the red bra…she needs a stylist pronto!

  8. chaahi at | | Reply

    omg! she is a pretty lady but WTH does she have to do this to herself? she looks so much better with natural shades of make up … and umm ‘decent’ clothes?
    this is outrageous!
    maybe she needs psychological help and this is her way to ask for help. calling for attention perhaps?

  9. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yikeso.. how can someone go out looking like that.. a transie corsette??? what next?

  10. Tanika at | | Reply

    OMG!!! That’s more horrible than the red bra showing thru the lace blouse! Whoever told her she looked good in that must not like her because they played a really bad joke on this girl!

  11. dn at | | Reply

    This makes Suneeta Rao look homely.

  12. Megha at | | Reply

    this has to be a joke right?
    no way would someone NOT know thye looked like that

  13. KK at | | Reply

    WHOA!!! Seriously, if this is fashion..I’m better off being unfashionable. Did she not look in the mirror before she left?!

  14. Flower Power at | | Reply

    if we can overlook the peekaboo bra, she looked so much better in the saree…

  15. Siraj at | | Reply

    Maybe she’s into S&M

  16. P at | | Reply

    Ya’ll don’t understand! This is the only way she knows she can get a mention here…and so she does it again n again ;)

  17. me at | | Reply

    oh ma god, I guess some woman like to be treated differenty by men that is why they dress this way, oh and about her in the first in black, does she suck blood for fun , she looks like dracula

  18. Amrita at | | Reply

    hey,I m surprised hw cum no1 stated this b4…..
    This skirt n duppatta set is a from Globus.It costed Rs.2000-2500/-

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