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  1. Prathna at | | Reply

    Bag looks to be Love Moschnio

    1. Payal at | | Reply

      It is! Thanks.

  2. KJ at | | Reply

    What’s with the lift-your-heel pose? It looks hilarious.

  3. KJ at | | Reply

    Those golden sandals remind me of Ekta Kapoor and not in a good way.

  4. Asha at | | Reply

    Cannot look past the straggly hair. For the love of God, go for a trim!

  5. Monika at | | Reply

    I like her jumpsuit look a lot. Don’t like the dress appearance…ugly gold chappals.

  6. Avani at | | Reply

    The unkempt hair and those ugly gold chappals. Both looks are bad. Agree with the person above, Ekta Kapoor nightmares to look at those chappals.

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