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    I don’t understand what’s designer wear in this. There is absolutely nothing in the saree. The focus point in the lookbook was the blouse, and exchanging that with a not-there blouse just made it super tacky.

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    She forgot to wear a blouse.

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    Just no.

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    Too much UGH here. Move on people!

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    Sad to see such talented actress wrapped as a spring roll..

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    She has always taken such brave decisions in her career and is known more for her talent and powerhouse performances. Wish her courage showed through in her clothes choices – she doesn’t need to fit in to any image. I wish she found her niche in the style department too.

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    What do you think she’s carrying in the cupcake? Can’t think of anything that would fit into that. Keys? Safety pins?

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    The one boob show is the double check just incase someone missed ‘them’ through the sheer saree…SO MUCH EFFORT

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    A lovely dainty saree look wasted. It could’ve been an interesting look with the original blouse.

    Also, these atrocious over-priced tacky Leiber minaudieres need to stop existing.

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    Ever since Malaika Arora graduated from the “sleek and regal” school of dressing, there’s a vacant seat at “tight and tacky”. Welcome Richa!

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    EWW what on earth is this tacky mess?!

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    Just too tacky

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    With the original blouse it looked like a delightfully frothy concoction. With the red velvet brassier-passing-for-a-blouse, the ugly pink satin saree-fall, it looks anything but. The earrrings are nice though.

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