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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    This is horrible. Atrocious. She doesn’t work it and not many could work it. At this event I don’t think anyone could have worked it-because it’s not event appropriate imo.

  2. rhea at | | Reply

    horrendous… dress looks cheap….
    such pretty girl… and such bad taste…..
    even make up is bad

  3. Malaise at | | Reply

    I see a job opportunity here. I would like to volunteer myself as ‘ Honest Opinion Harry’ because obviously these people don’t have anyone that would give them an honest opinion. This lady would get a ‘Why so low, boobs?’.

  4. sree at | | Reply

    This calls for a WTHeyyy. Easily the worst dressed at the IIFA awards. Please fire your stylist ASAP Ms. Chadda.

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    I dont get one thing…Why do these people want to wear the outfits that someone has already worn before…And that to the most horrendous ones…First it was those Sonakshi Raaj gowns that was worn by everyone repeatedly and now this…Also, a piece of suggestion, please look in the mirror prior to stepping out in such monstrosity…

  6. Rana at | | Reply

    OH nO!!
    She shouldn’t flaunt something that is not her best asset/s!

  7. Kay at | | Reply

    no girl…just..no.

  8. Hansini at | | Reply

    Why would you want to squash flat your bosom and think it will look good to show how its done?

  9. KS at | | Reply

    at the rate at which Miss. Chadda is going, she will over take Mallika Sherawat in the category where you dress to scare

    1. adya at | | Reply

      That is way too harsh! She carries the dress with insouciance, and got noticed. Hair and make up are ok.

  10. Ann at | | Reply

    Every time I click on this blog and come across this pic, I shudder and quickly scroll down to avoid looking at this picture. I honestly feel bad for her. Her chest area looks pretty bad.

  11. Adita at | | Reply

    If she wanted to shock people… she sure did. Terrible. She is a strong contender for the worst dressed along with Parineeti.

  12. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    i think i might have thrown up a bit.

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