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  1. annie at | | Reply

    Anamika looks great. No comment on the white/puple mess on the left.

  2. Kara at | | Reply

    What’s with the purple thingy?

  3. Taniya at | | Reply

    What is she wearing??

  4. ash at | | Reply

    love anamikas saree, so simple but stylish.

  5. carrotswithlime at | | Reply

    Rhea looks horrendous! While both sisters claim to have a similar taste in clothes, Sonam usually looks well turned out. Can’t say the same about Rhea who ends up looking like such a chaos more often than not.

  6. shireen at | | Reply

    Love Anamika’s sari/blouse combo. Her creation on the left…not so much.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I love Anamika’s combi too. So simple. The black clutch though is abit out of place.

  7. DYE at | | Reply

    The dress overwhelms Rhea. She should stop TRYING so hard !

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