Sari Style- Part Deux


While everyone else at the reception kept it more or less simple, Rekha stuck to her personal over-the-top style in a gold kanjeevaram. The sari wasn’t the issue as much as all that jewelry was. We know that’s her shtick, but it almost makes us uncomfortable looking at the pic.

Rekha At Deol-Takhtani Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Considering she’s about my age, she looks great. But to borrow from a comment about past American President Theodore Roosevelt, Rekha would want to be the bride at every wedding – and the corpse at every funeral!

  2. With Rekha , iy can never be OTT :P
    Hasn’t she worn the saree like a million times before? Or does she have similar ones with slight variations….

    • It is not the saree, it is the fact that she is wearing three necklaces, a haathphool, a maang-tika and then some. She is not the bride, nor is she closely related. :)

  3. One general and universal rule at weddings is that you should not attempt at overshadowing the bride. Having said that, it all seems a bit sad. Perhaps a good idea to leave Rekha be Rekha and let her be…

  4. She’s gone a little ott this time.could ve given the Maang tika and hath pool a miss….but she is still so gorgeous

  5. Although I agree that she always goes overboard, I think it is also important for us to respect her personal style. Sometimes it is hard for some people to change and try something new.

  6. sadly i actually know somebody who dresses like this in real life, no matter what the occasion. she wore a mang tika and a jhapta – at somebody else’s wedding, just like rekha here.

  7. I guess she doesn’t get to go out too often. So when the occasion does present itself, she goes all out. Bride’s day to shine be damned!

  8. While I respect her personal styling – I think she shouldnt wish to look like a bride at someone else’s wedding :(

  9. though it looks like its overdone.. it is very exceptional of her to carry off those sarees and jewellary with such a grace.not every one can do that. she looks absolutely stunning.

  10. I think she looks younger and very rich in her gold kanjeevaram – red lipstick is her trademark. It was a South Indian wedding and she is a movie star and this is how we want to see her – imagine her without all the drama…..won’t be the same would it then?

  11. Am I really the only one who thinks she needs to take make up wearing lessons and not insist on being the bride at every wedding!

  12. I think every wedding needs someone like Rekha in her OTT avatar. I say we need some people who are diva’s in every sense of word. She’s exempt from the snark in my opinion. We need a dose of OTT Rekha every once in a while. On anyone else, this outfit would be ridiculous

  13. From what I read in all the comments in that past Andhra wedding, it seems okay for guests to show up wearing all the jewelry they got. Maybe since she is part Telugu, Rekha is only staying true to her roots. :-)

    • P&P, you took the time to moderate comments which was reflecting derogatory/personal attacks on some people. Here some are calling a renowned actress as a Crazy woman, you let that slide? *smh*

        • If her dressing sense was termed as crazy, that’s different. As for slangs, those are usually for my friends or close ones not for some celebrities especially some one who is older than my mom. Least in my books.:-)


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