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  1. Pooja at | | Reply

    phew, .. the first in a longg time that I don’t like Rekha’s appearance. She is usually OTT & loud so that is given, but oh-thee-hair! BAD BAD BADD

  2. K at | | Reply

    Rekha has her signature style and she’s maintained that over the years. Nothing wrong with something that works AND is so ‘hatke’ nowadays! She looks great.

  3. ash at | | Reply

    I’m sure I’ve seen Rekha in this saree, on this site before, but maybe with a different blouse? Neverthe less, she looks her usual glamourous, stunning self; and that hair!! Wow.

  4. swati at | | Reply

    usually i like her OTT style … its something uniquely rekha but this time not so much …. i prefer her hair open and the horrible dull mustard color of the saree is not helping

  5. Imsochic at | | Reply

    U know what. She is such an original. OTT or not, I LIKE!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      lol =)
      I must add thats a messy braid gone wrong.

    2. zainab at | | Reply

      What’s this “ott” mean??

      1. Payal at | | Reply

        Over The Top.

  6. sneha at | | Reply

    love the pranda…the OTT look suits her i think. she is always seen in such clothes so the bright colours don’t really hurt the eyes!

    any which way, she does look lovely

  7. Zack at | | Reply

    Wow , she looks amazing. A fab new saree and extremely beautiful and heavy and trditional new jewellery. Bravo Rekhaji.

  8. Sej at | | Reply

    That is so OTT – her hair looks frizzy, the way she wrapped the sari around her shoulder in the third pic, just everything. So in your face.

  9. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Perhaps rekha is having fun…it is not funny though. The whole thing looks tawdry, blingy, and OTT. Not what I expected from the Diva. That long braid, so messy and creepy! That saree, gosh it is a horror with offensive stripes. Lord, could the jewelry be any more dizzy. My head is in a whirl, and confused. Why, Rekha, why?

    1. RS at | | Reply

      Why,Rekha, Why? Indeed!! I so agree with everything you have said.

  10. vin at | | Reply

    she looks lie a caricature of her old self…

  11. therewasthisman at | | Reply

    she looks just fab. love the contrast of the blouse and the saree and the saree’s is really nice and the hair is pretty nice too. Love Love Love !

  12. jiji at | | Reply

    If i jumped into a time machine and visited india 15 years from now, this would be what Vidya Balan would look like!

  13. SeksyAngel at | | Reply

    Rekha really needs to dress her age!!! Never liked her & never will!! Horrendous!!!

  14. charan at | | Reply

    What does she think, she is 16?

  15. ss at | | Reply

    Sorry, even though she is drowning in gold and diamonds, she looks rather cheap to me!

  16. deepal at | | Reply

    YUCK!!!!!!YUCK!!!!!! even my grat granmother would disapprove of this am sure!

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