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  1. Shreya at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful in green sari. I have always liked her. very preety lady.

  2. sunny at | | Reply

    Radiant is right. Man, Sridevi is still such a hottie.

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    she looks gorgeous
    that color does wonders for her

  4. An at | | Reply

    whose the sari by?

  5. saya at | | Reply

    Lovely, but she looks a bit anorexic?!

  6. deewani at | | Reply

    wow she is just blessed… i think she even looks good in that grey saree… its more of a sophisticated look… and the green saree is the fashionista look

  7. desdemona at | | Reply

    i totally agree with deewani. she looks amazing!!

    why am i feeling that Bonney Kapoor is wearing same tshirt and coat at both the events????

  8. Wannabe at | | Reply

    Its impossible to look at these two and not believe in fairy tales…you know which one I mean, the Beauty and the Beast.

  9. anita at | | Reply

    Sridevi still looks okay in Grey – the person who looks really bad in grey is Gauri Khan, and she insists on wearing grey, dull brown and black – none of which are her colors – and add the fake tan and bleached hair, me thinks she believes she’s a blonde white woman.

  10. Surbhi at | | Reply

    hahhaa@ anita!!

    but Sri looks hot in the green saree.. she could give the actresses and Hema Malini a run for their money

  11. anoo at | | Reply

    she is still sooo beautiful!! Its a wonder how time froze her beauty…..

  12. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    @anita: So so so true!! lol
    Sridevi and Hema Malini, they have that timeless beauty thing that is very rare today. She looks gorgeous here..

  13. Diordiva at | | Reply

    sri is such a doll…this woman has got class all da way lookz like she is losin weight by the hour!like her in dat green chic sari n boney is an old dude so letz leave hime alone….

  14. Neha at | | Reply

    Simple and elegant. She obviously knows what works for her. She looks great!

  15. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Sri Devi looks beautiful in both outfits. I love the green one, personally. Now, to more important things — is it me or does her husband hold a striking resemblance to koala bears?

  16. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Bonney looks like he belongs somewhere in Dilbert!

  17. shonali at | | Reply

    sridevi looks lovely in the green. she’s so graceful. i wonder what she saw in boney. he’s not easy on the eyes.

  18. Nick at | | Reply

    The grey really didn’t work and it was making her look much older… the wierd lighting also made me believe that she was probably having grey hair too. Though the green makes her look great. I agree with someone he does resemble a Koala bear.. and i should know because i have seen them in my backyard. I guess they love each other a lot..love is blinding.

  19. manisha at | | Reply

    love the saree on her! absolutely gorgeous color!

    boney looks like her father standing next to her… what happened??

  20. Diordiva at | | Reply

    lol@Not a sheep…..me thinks so too….boney lookz like an big “ol bear:]

  21. Nadia at | | Reply

    I agree that Sridevi looks elegant in both outfits and Boney looks like a bear. But you have to consider what all the surgeries have done to her face. If you compare a picture of her from the late 70s/early 80s to these, she looks like a different person. I hope she leaves her nose alone now. Any more whittling down and she will be in the same bracket as Koena Mitra.

  22. sb at | | Reply

    would actresses marry any guy as long as he has money, i mean i can’t think of one that married a hot poor guy

  23. shoudev at | | Reply

    I grew up watching her act in South Indian movies movies. As far I remember, she was always well dressed. She looks sooo good in the green saree.

  24. saima musa at | | Reply

    the saree is from which designer??can anyone tell me??

  25. Shradda at | | Reply

    the saree looks great on her. i love the color. I agree with most of them. she has never aged. Also for those who are commenting that with so many plastic surgeries anyone wud freeze , is not always true. For bollywood ppl, you have not seen the REAL Sri. If you want, take time and watch her south films.She was even more great in them (even w/ the nose jo). And, coming to the dress sense, she was always a well-dressed woman and a fantastic actress who has acted in more than 250 films. Name one actress who can boast of tht number???Ruling bollywood,tollywood and kollywood for 3decades at the same time is quite something. Name one female in the industry who is not depending on the cosmetic surgeries????

    she has earned more than enough for her to marry BK. there must be a strong reason.

  26. michelle at | | Reply

    sri has to be more than 50 yaar. her first movie was released around late 70s (i think 76) and she claimed to be 16 tho she looked 20-ish.

  27. rubywoo at | | Reply

    Bollywood being what it is these days I have no doubt that Sridevi has had a little help to hold back the years – but she also seems to have grown into her looks and seems much more beautiful now than she did in heyday – being a big star in the 80’s and early 90’s didn’t help (big hair/make up applied with a trowel)

    Love the green sari – very elegant and classy

  28. anoo at | | Reply

    where is this AMAZING diet doctor? If i can look like this at 50, I might as well go now….

  29. Desiette at | | Reply

    Love both the grey and green on her. This woman can do no wrong. GORGEOUS!

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