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  1. Sue at | | Reply

    Red in this case.. the pink washes Ash out (as her outfits usually do). Although I would’ve loved to see this in a teal shade or so.

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    i love the red!

  3. Raspberry at | | Reply

    Oh dear god Ash, cut down on the potatoes..

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Wish Ash could dress up her age…why does she have to dress like a teenager??

  5. Simran at | | Reply

    my gosh..check out Ash’s arms…unbelievable!

  6. Never Mind!! at | | Reply

    She needs to realize that international look she aspires for comes at the price of working in out and staying in shape. A pretty face is no good with those arms!

  7. Chevalier at | | Reply

    YAY!!! You DID add the buttons! I’m clicking excitedly.

    And yes, gurls, I do agree, Katrina looks wayyy better – the color, the cut, everything. But let’s not kill Aishwarya for her 2 extra pounds…we don’t want another Kareena “i wanna look up to Posh Spice”, do we?

  8. Rashmi at | | Reply

    RED all the way…lol at the arms comment. :)

    I’ve heard Ash saying in interviews that she never exercises regularly, do you believe it?

  9. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Bleh! to Aiswarya’s dress!
    there are no bigger bunch of hypocrites than the Bachans (spelling wrong maybe?)including Aishwarya.

  10. kannu at | | Reply

    ash is to old to flaunt the pink !
    ask plz realise u r a granny wid a untoned body better dress up accordingly !

  11. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Katrina looks better here than Ash, dont forget she is 8 years younger than Ash, and only famous in India, where as Ash has crossed over to bigger and better things abroad. Do not throw brick bats at her for not having a good dress sense ( I have known her for 16 years now) and she NEVER had a good dress sense. Toned body, she can get – Dhoom 2 is testimony to that.

  12. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I live in the UK and am not an Indian, and I agree with Anon above that Katrina is known only in India, and to Indians abroad. Ash’s movies abroad, have been seen – hold your breath- in NORWAY (with subtitles), in Egypt – dubbed, in Japan (with subtitles), by none other than the locals of each country, if that is not Internaitonal success then what is. She has appeared on Oprah, and Dave Letterman. Been voted 4 years in a row as 20 most beautiful women in the world- Julia Roberts thinks so to.
    Comments about her granny age etc only show immaturity in accepting her success (and a bit of jealousy maybe). You guys should be proud of her, she is dignified, beautiful and ALWAYS- ALWAYS- in every function, event, press conference, and audtion, stated that she is an Indian and Indian alone and refuses to do roles as other nationilities. Even the all power full Harry Stienman has said he was impressed by her vociferous arguement about how she would not represent herself as anything but an INDIAN.

    All this and I am not even an Indian!!

  13. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I agree…. some people on this blog are just plain nasty and opinionated. Yeah, so what someone is not toned or even overweight – life is beyond this crap. Try to make yourself a fraction of money, fame and accomplishment that these people have made – then talk! One thing is to appreciate and follow fashion, taking it to the next level of high-school bitching session laced with jealousy – is pathetic. Why do I get a feeling that people who write so negatively – are just plain unhappy people themselves.

  14. Anonymous at | | Reply

    If being in your 30s is old, you will have a miserable life kannu. Get real! Also, let;s hope you never get “marriage happy” and as a result get boycotted for gaining a few pounds! What bullshit!

  15. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Some people in this blog seem to bland and boring like a herd of sheep blindly following whatever they are meant to follow.

    Maybe some people dress to express and not to impress. Aish is beyond the tarty newcomer phase, she will now wear whatever she wants to and feels is her style.

  16. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Also a majority of time the people in here dissing Ash’s clothes or whatever she does will be praising the same clothes etc had someone else worn it.

    i would rather see someone wear whatevr they want to without caring about what others think.. fashion isn’t something that comes in a box with predefined set of rules..

    it may work for those desperate dipsh*ts who are obsessed with flashy tacky, “please everyone who ever scored meee now validate meee type of wealth”

  17. Raspberry at | | Reply

    Dear, dear….please everyone stop overreacting. I’m sure we will all admit here that Ash has achieved so much more than Katrina internationally(even if that is so only because she has a gorgeous face), but that doesn’t mean she can’t be criticised if she dresses badly.

    Sure, it is okay if she sticks to keeping those extra pounds, and she clearly chooses to, so good for her.

    But to allege that those of us who do criticise her are jealous is thinking a bit too much. If you are in the public eye, chances are you will be criticised!!

    And those harping about how much Aishwarya has achieved, personally, I think if she hadn’t looked the way she does she wouldn’t be so big. And that’s a shame because she is supposed to be an actress. Yep, she has been mesmerising in Hum Dil, Raincoat and even Guru. But is she so big all over the world because she is an awesome actress? I think not.

    Furthermore, I also think we can get a bit too negative on this blog. But so far, we have been pretty fair to Mrs. Bachchan here. So that’s that.

  18. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Hey i really like the comments and arguments and i really believe that people really fall so low to express themselves…(From this blog I came to know if you wear a dress twice its a crime!!!) .Do you have to pay the price for being successful.
    And yes ,its all up to you how you want to live life…(you can wear pink even in old age,you can repeat the dress that suits you everytime you like,you dnt have to go with the masses and hear the masses)…
    To all those ppl who consider above as false …i will say Respect others and get a life for yourself…

  19. Raspberry again at | | Reply

    And furthermore…..

    It’s silly to assume that we should make a ‘fraction’ of the money that these celebs have to criticise them. Because that pretty much means no one can comment on them.

    And i doubt we would praise others if they would wear Ash’s clothes. Don’t believe me? Go back to the nightmare at Cannes 2003.

  20. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Ash has only put on pounds as she’s trying to get pregnant. for most women, a low amount of body fat results in not being able to get pregnant. anyway, she’s not fat, she’s just average. there’s always a reason for everything.

  21. Anonymous at | | Reply

    these woman have no sense of style or direction! I mean a 35 yr old wearings frocks!!!!!

  22. J at | | Reply

    Most of us have put on pounds here and there. The idea is that you dress accordingly. Also Ash tends to wear very cutesy dresses.

    Being beautiful does’nt make you fashionable or well toned.

    My vote goes for Katrina. I think she is one of the few bollywood actresses who dresses well.

  23. Nadia at | | Reply

    First of all I would like to point out a mistake about the differences in Katrina and Aishwarya’s age. Katrina was born in 1984 and Ash was born in 1973. That makes them 11 years apart, not 8 as someone posted earlier.

    Secondly this is a fashion and style blog so criticizing clothes and weight is part of the deal. It does not mean that person is jealous! There is no doubt that Ash is the most famous Indian actress abroad but that is only because of her beauty. Therefore she has to maintain that reputation by staying in shape and dressing well. Despite her worldliness and beauty titles, she has had a terrible sense of fashion.

    One last thing, you don’t have to be skeletal to be beautiful (Katrina is the perfect example). If you know how to dress according to your body type, even the most chubby person can look presentable. This is something Ash needs to learn. She has such a beautiful face and naturally thin frame, she could do wonders with the right stylist.

  24. Anonymous at | | Reply

    woo! even the comments section has become very interesting!

    jealous of Aishwarya Rai?? chuckle chuckle…I get this uncanny suspicion that Abhishek Bachchan is lurking somewhere here ;)


  25. Anonymous at | | Reply

    But have you watched ash’s interviews
    at home or outside (Dave Letterman) she was so bad i shud say worst…
    she shud really do something with her
    giggles…and if beauty is compared ..katrina is of the same level,so is preity,sonali bendre….

  26. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I’m not comparing here because I love Ash. However i wannna tell you guys that from what i’ve seen and heard her through her interviews I find Katrina very matured and sensible for her age. seh seems grounded.

  27. Regina at | | Reply

    I think Ash trying hard to look younger than Abhi as Abhi grew stubble, flaunts gelled back hair to match up to his missus;-)))

  28. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Wow, does Ash have her publicists writing on the blog. The other comments on this blog are from fashion watchers. She can wear whatever she wants and if she looks bad she will be criticized for her fashion sense. I guess the person who has known her for 16 years has said has pointed our she has bad taste for I guess at least 16 years – what is the controversy then. case closed.

  29. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Wow.. this is the 31st comment!!.. Payal and Pri.. is this a HHC Blog record or what?

  30. Payal at | | Reply

    Wow! Who knew a simple ditto post would unleash world war 3! Jokes apart, this blog is supposed to be just pure entertainment for ppl who love fashion and also love bollywood.

    Let’s keep that in mind when commenting either on a celebrity or on someone else’s comments.

  31. Anonymous at | | Reply

    it’s true that Ash isn’t the most eloquent person on those tv shows but she’s from a simple background and didn’t go to a fancypants school. considering that, she’s turned out pretty great. Sushmita Sen is very well spoken. Btw, i heard that Sush has put on a lot of weight. Is this true?

  32. Payal at | | Reply

    The dresses are the same exact but in different color!

  33. Anonymous at | | Reply

    oh my poor darling is from simple backgrnd
    dats why she giggles in interviews..funny…:)

  34. Anonymous at | | Reply

    What’s wrong with giggling? One can’t be poker faced all the time.

  35. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Annos above are right…ashwarya is not an eloquent person…also to giggle all thru the interviews doesnt make a sense…it takes the beauty out of the speech ….

  36. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I think all that giggling of Aish was to change her image of ice-queen that she had. I used to hate her in the beginning thinking she is nothing but a pretty face. But I must say that she has impressed me with the way she has handled her career…even venturing into ‘artsy’ roles many times to try something new. Also I think she appears very dignified even though she is under the microscope by the media…e.g. when she was being bitched about by the Indian media (and Indian males) about her relationship with salman, even

  37. Pitu at | | Reply

    I couldn’t care less about who acts well/ is eloquent etc etc. This blog is about fashion and style and for an ex Miss World and (supposedly) the most beautiful woman in the world, Ash dresses horribly. I hate her flabby arms and that I’m-cho-chweet shade of pink. And I’m no Ash hater. Kat is much more elegant. I don’t think this is the right forum for either bashing or hero-worshipping anyone. There are plenty of blogs and websites where people can philosophize to their heart’s content. This blog isn’t one of them. It’s about fashion, people!

  38. Anonymous at | | Reply

    does anyone know which brand the dress is?

  39. newyorker at | | Reply

    I couldn’t have said it better, pitu.

  40. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Oh God you guys, as I said ealier I have known her for 16 years, and she is a BAD dresser, case closed. About her eloquence in conversations and interviews she was fab in her interview regarding Provoked – which was beamed on BBC 1. She did not giggle on Oprah, nor did she giggle on her interviews on French television for the screening of Provoked at Cannes. That she was an atrocious dresser – and is an atrocious dresser (I love her to bits)- is what this blog is all about. As an Indian I am proud of her – and yes she is famous for her looks – but she did get rave reviews for Provoked for her looks it was for her talent.

    She is successful, and nothing will take that away from her. May be her hubby likes her dressing like this?…dont know never asked him….

  41. Nick at | | Reply

    Red and KAT!…. Pink and Ash look more like some worn out young kid

  42. J at | | Reply

    This is a fashion blog and its fair to criticise a badly dressed person. Ash looks terrible in this dress and almost everything else she has ever worn. She is undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful women in the world but lets face it, some people don’t have it in them to style correctly and thats fine too. What I have a problem with is the fact that there are so many professional stylists now to help stars with the correct styling, so why not work with someone who can bring out the best in you rather than a Neeta Lulla who doesnt have any fashion sense herself.

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  44. nik at | | Reply

    haha chose a picture where ash is making a funny face to prove your so called point..

    whatever.. meh

  45. Fashionista at | | Reply

    haha… luv all the comments, especially cutting down on potato one. But yea… ash really needs to rep India n’ should know that she’s jsut not a normal grl or lady, she’s rep India n’ has responsibility. Dressing good and keeping a toned body is one of them along w/ her good acting n’ all the others. Coz now a days its not just showing up n’ doing some good movie. Its abt image too, whether we like it or not.

  46. loviii at | | Reply

    aish is the best ….kootrina umm katrina is looking pathetic as usual

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