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It was saris for these ladies at the Dadasaheb Phalke awards and running away with the spotlight was Kajol in her green sari and kundan jewellery.

Who’d have thunk it?

Raveena Tandon, Tanisha and Kajol at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards 2012

Raveena Tandon, Tanisha and Kajol at Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • i know so different from the run of the mill flimsy filmi sari and yet very refreshing from the sabya designs Vidya Balan has flooded us with. Beautiful indeed!

  1. She is inspiring us to go to our moms wadrobe and pair those nice ethnic sarees with simple sleeveless blouse…they will indeed make style statements…So bored of these saas bahu kind “DHINCHAK”,sarees..These are real sarees as they should be…beautiful and comfortable..and yet sexy…i think mini mathur too wear these kind of simple sarees so well …I find this as d real fashion statement..

    • agree 100% – she is choosing lovely, simple, ethnic sarees – wearing the saree and not letting those awful MM sarees wear her.

  2. that saree is gorgeous..such a pleasant change from the MMs. she looks absolutely beautiful. love how kajol is hitting them all for a six nowadays

  3. It looks here like Raveena didnt make an effort (nothing wrong with that) and Kajol did. Most often, its the other way round…Kajol on a roll!

  4. kajol’s sari is looking so sophisticated. finally it happened! there is a god! tanisha looks eclipsed in comparison to the 2 divas she’s with.

  5. Indeed – who would have thunk it of Kajol?? I had written her off – great to be proved wrong! You go, girl – stick to this new stylist and keep doing what ever it is that you are doing – don’t stop!

  6. As lovely as Kajol is looking..i just cant help looking at Raveena.. so sweet, simple everyday Indian women vibe going on there!! :)

  7. Kajol’s sari is beautiful! So much nicer than all those hideous MM’s. What is with Raveena’s mangalsutra?? Straight out of Kyunki Saans Bhi….

  8. Was that black sleeveless blouse acceptable for such beautiful green saree? In the second pic, the hair took up the covering job, but it looks very akward in the first pic…it is bringing the saree’s classic appeal few notches down….

    Am not against for sleevelss, its just that it didn’t look like blouse at all in black, a color co-ordinated one, w’d have worked just fine..Neverthless, Kajol is glowing..

  9. Absolutely love Kajol’s look here. Inspires me to find wear only traditional sarees and ditch the net designer stuff for good.

  10. i think both kajol and raveena look elegant. like kajol’s saree better, though. ravina’s might have looked good in person, but looks pale. maybe camera flash.

  11. Hey guys, am back after a long while. just wanted to say that while i love the appreciation of traditional saris versus the standard manish-esque bling that has come to represent the sari, this particular one on kajol looks more like upholstery fabric to me. I think she had the concept right, but her choice left more to be desired. Her hair and makeup make her look amazing though. Seems like she’s upped her game and/or gotten a (new) stylist.

  12. Kajol looks gorgeous in this….. Lovely colour. Raveena is looking dull than her other recent appearances. N omg…. Is this tanisha!!?…. Whats happened to her….. She used to be vry thin!…. But she is looking pretty anyways….. Didnt like her saree atall.

  13. good God! i dont think Kajol’s looked so good as this in like ages!! way to go!

    May we pls recommend her stylist to certain other great looking ladies always let down by their clothes….


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