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  1. AD at | | Reply

    she looks so dated….Bad hair and horrible outfit.

    1. Fergie at | | Reply

      Worse expression…

  2. neha at | | Reply

    what the ……..

  3. Krina at | | Reply

    dont like the outfit in the first place .. her fashion choices are stuck in the 80’s

  4. Chez at | | Reply

    One word: TERRIBLE. Will these celebs just wear anything in the name of fashion? The outfit is really bad, but the skirt is completely killing the look.

  5. umarana at | | Reply

    the kurta is a fab colour but those sharara pants (?) are not a nice pattern to off-set the top’s embroidery, nor is it falling correctly & the dupatta as worn by Raveena is overkill.

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