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  1. Rashmi at | | Reply

    That blouse is a size too small. She looks so uncomfortable in this look. The hair adds to the woes.

  2. nope at | | Reply

    ugh no. she looks like an evil television saas.

  3. BBL at | | Reply

    Holy Cow !! Looking seriously sexy here ! Can’t believe that she was offered the role of Ranveer’s mother in Dil Dhadkaane Do. She’s smokin’ hot enough to pull off the role of his lover

    1. Pri at | | Reply

      you are kidding right??!!

      1. BBL at | | Reply

        About which part? The look here or the role offered?

        1. Sapphire at | | Reply

          LOL again!!!

          1. BBL at |

            Sapphire, What’s so funny?

          2. Sapphire at |

            I have been following this blog from a long time. BBL you are the wittiest commenter I have seen on this board. Don’t lose your humour ever. You can make people around you smile and laugh :)

          3. BBL at |

            I have like 5 posts on here, so am glad you noticed and I made you laugh. Whether you’re laughing at me or with me, is another matter

          4. Sapphire at |

            You mean you commented only on 5 posts on this blog BBL? No I am not laughing at you. I was laughing at the witty way of your telling. :)

    2. Sapphire at | | Reply

      OMG! LOL ya look at that sharp features on her angular face and that thick hair. She usually dresses OTT, if she tones down her makeup, bling and wears some nice saris, she looks fantastic.

  4. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

    Agree with nope!!
    Her boobs look like they quit getting blood supply 6 hours ago

    Her hair reminds me of Shahnaz Hussain, her hair was HER. I mean her hair weighed as much as a person. Raveena’s does too… AWFUL WIG

    But the saree is gorgeous

  5. jess R at | | Reply

    This look has no redeeming quality to it.

  6. DramaMama at | | Reply

    In her head, she’s still stuck in the ’90s.

    1. Asha at | | Reply

      Actually…her entire head IS stuck in the 90’s.

      1. Sapphire at | | Reply


      2. Avani at | | Reply


      3. DramaMama at | | Reply

        Ha ha. Well that too!

    2. D at | | Reply

      I agree. She needs a really good stylist to salvage her image in the world of fashion.

  7. dilorea at | | Reply

    Is she on her way to a saas bahu serial? Hideous hair.

  8. Ana at | | Reply

    eh. nothing new

  9. mina at | | Reply

    It looks like she is suffocating in that blouse. She need help OUCH

  10. Asha at | | Reply

    That hair, that make-up, that overly tight blouse!! She needs to have more confidence in herself, and tone down everything!!!

  11. sexyravs123 at | | Reply

    lovely raveena looks awesome

  12. Elsa at | | Reply

    A few years back I saw Raveena at a hotel, without a stitch of make up and her hair pulled back. The woman is seriously gorgeous. She just needs a good stylist to pull her out of the 90s. Her hair is actually thick and luscious, could be why it is hard to style (apart from bad styling choices)

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Yes the definition of chiseled face is Raveena !!!

  13. Kanu at | | Reply

    Oh my god.!! Gv those twins some air to breath.!!
    All the extra volume- divert it to the blouse from the hairs plz.
    Beautiful women, but always over do…!

  14. naughtytrini at | | Reply

    Raveena is one of those ladies who tries really hard to turn back time by wearing size way too small clothes and tonnes of makeup to cover the agelines, yet no matter how much they try they end up looking older than they really are.

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