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  1. silpa at | | Reply

    wrong pic

  2. keya at | | Reply

    lol pnp theres an error… I thats not raveena tondon :P …

  3. T at | | Reply

    Perhaps you should come up with something more original than ‘blue belle’? ;)

  4. Uzair at | | Reply

    Bad make-up, matchy-matchy accessories, but what really kills it is the fact that she’s uncomfortable in that look. IT SHOWS ALOT HERE!

  5. spatangirl at | | Reply

    I dont think her body type is right for this dress. Needless to say, she has a stunning face!!

  6. keya at | | Reply

    the color is lovely I like the dress and the fit is good too.. but agreed all those blue assesories ruined it..

  7. kismett at | | Reply

    she’s trying to hard to be sexy, doesn’t work!!

  8. nisha at | | Reply

    Hmm really really bad!

  9. Loulwa at | | Reply

    the shoes have got to go!

  10. scribble at | | Reply

    bad shoes

  11. malini at | | Reply

    lol.. GOSH what’s with everyone.. badly dressed

  12. Megha at | | Reply

    she’d have looked fab if only she had got rid of those shoes
    so close

  13. shobha at | | Reply

    i agree with Megha .. it’s those shoes.

  14. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    she tends to use bold colors and overdo things…dont like the shoes the accessories….do u really need a brooch??!! wud like to see her in pastel colors ….

  15. FARAH at | | Reply

    yes she has lost weight since last year and yes i think she’s attractive, but this is a NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

  16. Kav at | | Reply

    Its really unflattering on her…actually I don’t even like the dress that much…but the shoes…man they are awful with this dress…

  17. emem at | | Reply


  18. rêve at | | Reply

    Why is this chick stuck in the past????
    the shoes.. bold colors…big hair…sooo 90’s

  19. dn at | | Reply

    Raveena should stick to Indian clothes like Vidya Balan.

  20. Sana at | | Reply

    I think she looks gr8…just should have accesorised better.

  21. zak at | | Reply

    shes looking okay here not great not bad

  22. Sana at | | Reply

    WOW!! She looks hot! She has lost soo much weight! She looks awesome, Guys give her a break plz!!!!

  23. pdaervo at | | Reply

    She looks GREAT neck up. The dress and the accesories sort of take away formt hat. But not really.

  24. jiji at | | Reply

    Oh, yuk! now i have to clean my screen from the vomit which came out when i saw this pic! This one needs to retire permanently! Please someone tell her that 1993’s bollywood dress sense is out! By the way, is she pregnant? Sure looks it! And those earrings… seems like she bought them from ‘sluts-r-us’…. I think if she stuck to loose fitting neutral coloured indian clothes as appropriate for her age and shape, she’d look great! Now where did i put those screen wipes?……

  25. Nick at | | Reply

    noh…. the dress, hair, accessories ..a bit too much

  26. PM at | | Reply

    She tries too hard. She doesn’t need to, she has a gorgeous face and lovely hair. She just needs to tone down a bit.

  27. sanam at | | Reply

    she loves those kinda shoes doesn’t she? the Nine West ‘Jasley’ shoes which she always wears look so much similar to this one. anywayz she’s sucha beautiful woman..just needs to style herself better.

  28. K at | | Reply

    LOL @ the random broach.

    Ummm… she looks great neck up actually but once you go down, to her stomache area, it looks kind of horrible? and then you look at her shoes, you just want to scream. sad because the color really suits Ravs.

  29. viz at | | Reply

    oh how dreadful..please somebody gift her a full length mirror!

  30. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Tacky dress and accessories! ugh

  31. Nicki at | | Reply

    I think Ravs is looking stunning. The blue dress looks great on her. However, the shoes gotta go

  32. Belle at | | Reply

    yes she looks terrible and for sure she’s stuck in the 90s

    but least she’s not wearing her shiny pants! lol

    and that brooch thing, i think it’s some sort of badge…even Abhishek was sporting that badge or watever it is.

  33. diptiN at | | Reply

    Raveena has a beautiful face, she has lost a lot of weight, and looks great. But she does not a sense of style, especially when it comes to western clothes.

  34. monika at | | Reply

    She has the wrong body type for that dress….it’s highlighting the fat in the wrong places. & the blue shoes & clutch…….definitely a match much case.

  35. akaa at | | Reply

    God .. she looks like Raveena Tandon out of the “Sheher ki ladki song’ .. i mean, really!! I don;t like the dress and the shoes are horrible.. this looks ttrashy.. She has such a beautiful face and now that she has lost so much of weight, she can looks gorgeous.. only find a better stylist!! I can;t believe a lot of our celebrities do not understand the “dressing for body type” concept!!

  36. kashish at | | Reply

    I think ist the dress, it looks like a Quality Street wrapper..

  37. raveenalover at | | Reply


  38. rubywoo at | | Reply

    Such a pretty face, but unfortunately unlike many of her peer group of ex bollywood starlets (twinkle, karishma,Shilpa) she just doesn’t cut it.

    The dress would look a lot better on someone younger and slimmer- hate to say it because she is an attractive woman but doesn’t dress appropriately for her shape and those shoes are damn fugly.

  39. me at | | Reply

    The dress, the hair, the shoes, the ear rings, the bangle, the pursu, the makeup, the hair and the white nail polish All were in style ten years ago, wake up ravina

  40. jiji at | | Reply

    lol @ kashish! quality street wrapper indeed! haha

  41. raveenalover at | | Reply

    very bad comments on her dresses tell what clothes suit her body. y always say bad about her

  42. Fabulousity520 at | | Reply

    Oooh, that’s definitely a fashion faux pass…if only she could steer away from the raunchy fabrics and the slicked back hairstyles.

  43. khushi at | | Reply

    It should have been little longer and less blue……May be then It could work!

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