1. chappals on the right can be forgiven because she sits behind a table on the show. on a good note she has lost a lot of weight since jan

  2. me tooo…seriously….even i cant believe tht…..
    i hate her dressing sence….damn, is she mad!!??
    n that chappalss….GODDDD forgive her!!!!

  3. yuck! i cant blv someone actually thought they should make a whole long creation out of that material.. its pathetic.. it does look like a fancy night gown .. and i dont get the chappal thing. so what if u are sitting behind a desk or whatever.. i think good shoes make you feel more confident about the outfit..

  4. Is anyone else bothered by her nose makeup, apart from the horrible outfit and footwear? I can’t believe it makes me want to say – “Go get a real nose job!”
    I felt the same way about Aishwarya’s cleavage in a previous post.


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