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  1. hamsanat at | | Reply

    love RAVEENA’S look from head 2 toe.

  2. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Definitely prefer Raveena’s outfit.

  3. blahbum at | | Reply

    dont like raveenas wedges one bit.. and love the colour on shipa.. otherwise shilpas outfit is nothing great

  4. Megha at | | Reply

    A fashion show at a medical conference? Whaaa?

    1. olala at | | Reply

      same question!
      I dont even know if that is a good thing or a bad thing :D

    2. Éclat at | | Reply

      Well doctors are human too- they are as star struck as anyone else!

  5. zeeniebb at | | Reply

    I was about to say that Raveena’s dress+jewelry is not appropriate for a medical conference but then realized that this was a medical conference where Manish Malhotra had a fashion show. None of that makes any sense to me.
    I would have liked Raveena’s look minus those wedges and if the kurta ended around the knee without continuing into those multiple stripes of orange/pink at the bottom.

  6. mal at | | Reply

    Raveena looks good even though the dress and footwear sucks. She is natural, expressive, and not frozen fake.

  7. aparna b at | | Reply

    shilpa’s dress color & fit r nice. i somehow can’t like anything which raveena wears.

  8. Twinkle Toes at | | Reply

    Omigod. Didn’t she just have a baby!? How flat is that tummy. :) They both look nice.

  9. Lotus at | | Reply

    Totally tacky.

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