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    Rasika’s style has a very LSR vibe to it, if you know what I mean.

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      Hahaha yeah!

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    Both the ladies look classy , chic and beautiful . …tho’ I wish they could have exchanged their tops and lost the bags.

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    So realistic and lovely, that’s how a sari gets crumpled in real life and Rasika carries it so gracefully with her smile

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    Does anyone else think that Anavila sarees are HUGELY overrated? All for a celebration of the classic linen dhoti but this “designer” basically sources linen sarees from artisans, adds absolutely nothing to them and sells them at a massive premium to gullible fools.

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      I agree. I mean, if someone did not mention the fact that they were Anavila, they wouldn’t even matter. Unless of course, the designer actually experiments with the warp and weft to come up with these fabrics. Then, I’d give the label two thumbs-up.

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