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  1. alive'n'kicking at | | Reply

    like neither…the print reminds me of state handloom emporiums!

  2. beans at | | Reply

    On the top, for sure!

  3. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Like the dress better. The print is not so great, but the textured top combo looks good. Due to its boldness, it needs a canvas, and a long dress is exactly that. as the short shirt it looks truncated. The necklace actually adds to the bold look, I am surprised it does not make it busy dizzy. Deepika looks lovely. As a top,it is a nay for me, while the dress is a yay.

  4. funnybone at | | Reply

    is dat a hermes leather bracelet i see on ranna????

  5. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    definetly love both the versions. i guess the top just didnt get pictured well. but the design and colors are lustworthy!

  6. SG at | | Reply

    Love the LV “Mahina” ….

  7. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Like it both ways. Deepika looks sooo good here. Wish she would style herself this way off-ramp, she would look stunning<3

  8. A aTTirs at | | Reply

    Ranna n Deepika both look stunnin in their attires.. (acc. to event) … n guys that doesn’t seem to b a print.. its more of patchworkk.. ;)

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