1. LOVE IT….she is absolutely rocking this dress…love the way the dress makes her appear so slender…and love to see her in this bright color…hairs looks lovely as well.

  2. I think I’m in love! Rani looks beautiful & the dress looks really good on her! When I first passed this picture, I thought of Cheryl Cole on X Factor.

  3. Blue suits her well. Length and size are good…this looks fine on her..Although she does not seem super comfortable..Still a few pounds to shed…which seems quite difficult for her…come on rani…you can do it!

  4. After a long time Rani has managed to wow me in western wear. That is a nice dress, but her confidence (which seemed lost till a month back) is what is making all the difference.

  5. Rani looks like she has come out of derpression and is over enthusiastic now. this blue suits her and she surprisingly good in a dress


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