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    Rani’s dress sense has become very illogical of late. Btw, I think sabyasachi is very overrated in general. I wish these celebs would experiment with other designers. I’m getting bored of seeing the same thing.

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      i agree there r sooo many talented designers in india! sick of seein the same designers on bolly celebs

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    so true.. agree with you here too..the lehenga didnt suit her..

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    So true, the look is overwhelming, would have totally skipped the long chains as well.

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    This Sabyasachi need to go and never come back.It’s pathetic dont this women ever look in mirrow.It all look the same.
    I guess this women dont wanna spend money so wear for FREE. But they look like clown

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    I think an opaque pallu, or a sari tied up a little higher on the waist would have looked better. The net pallu and the low sari highlight the roundness of her belly!

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      Totally agree. If she wants to show her belly, go to the gym!!!

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    That midriff – wtheheyy!

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    I am sorry waist up she looks good??? That blouse with the saree…those necklaces!!! What about this looks is good??? WTHEYYYYYYY!!!!

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    If only, if only the pallu weren’t so transparent…

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    I think I would’ve liked this outfit (minus ALL the necklaces) on someone who was fit (like Deepika).

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      +1. I was wondering how to say the “fit” part and still have PnP approve the comment. Lol.

      On rani, this would looked better if it wasnt transparent since she is not “fit”

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    What a way to ruin an otherwise decent outfit. BUT, it’s still wayyyy better than what Katrina wore to the premier. I can’t believe you guys liked THAT look. EEK!

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    It’s a pretty saree but overwhelming on Rani. I do like her makeup though.

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    The designer cramped too many ideas into one creation. Way too much to take in.

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    i think its tacky to wear net saris. full stop.

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    Am I the only one who’s distracted by the necklace hanging on one side of her boobs..and yes sabya has become very over rated..

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    her traditional makeup & hairstyle dont go with the dress.

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    This Saree needs a tall women, does not look good on Rani.

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    Her stomach showing is highly distracting.

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    Another flying saucer spotted on her waist.. The time has come for all net sarees/lehangas to be burnt

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    Sabya, Abu Sandeep, Manish – they all went to the same school to learn “how to put your old furnishing to good use”

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