Vision In White?- Part Deux


Rani Mukherjee was spotted in a white ensemble too and we have got to say she looked great!

I love the touch of color via the pink and blue panel on her dupatta but do wish there weren’t those tassels on the sleeves and/or on the hemline of her kurta!

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Rani Mukherjee At Payal Gidwani’s Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She looks wonderful! Her weight loss suits her very much and unlike some of her contemporaries, she doesn’t have a bobble head! I love the touch of pink, too.

    By the way, she’s worn this outfit before somewhere, I’m 100% sure I’ve seen this before….

  2. Really? you guys think she looks good? – hmmm I am not feeling it myself, she looks haggard (tired) , her hair also looks a bit lank and greasy, meh not a good look and that duppata is overwhelming her petite frame.

  3. um, it’s …ok
    she lost weight!(am v. bitter -_-)
    I don’t know, I have a natural aversion to Rani that won’t let me judge her
    and it is messy

  4. this is an old outfit, she wore it to an awards ceremony a few years ago. Think it as the Zee awards when they were in London.

  5. Hey? why does she have bridal mehndi on her feet? is she related to the bride? or perhaps for a film shoot?… hmm nice outfit, she looks radiant… now alls left is to hit the gym rani!

  6. the tassles r much 2 much…so out of place on an outfit that could otherwise b classy! looooove the low neck ont eh kurta…serious sexy…a component that kurtas are usually missing…not a fan of the spaghetti straps to sex up a kurta :-)

  7. Hate the suit..way too much going on there(gold,silver,pink,white,teal, tassels,mehndi)…nice neckline though..

  8. Did she get married? why is she wearing bridal mehndi on her feet? The outfit is ridiculous…really overwhelms her!

  9. Seriously? the tassels, the blue, the pink, the gold.. too much, non?

    On a different note – I really like the colour of Kareena’s garment & the pic of the two of them – its somehow very cute.

  10. @K…yes!!!! so i really am not crazy?? she totally has, and now it’s confirmed! :D 2 opinions are better than 1. hehe

  11. yeah that IS full blown bridal mehndi on her feet!!!! weird !!
    The dupatta does add a nice touch of color but the kurta is quite ugly. AND I don’t like that the embroidery on the kurta is gold while that on the dupatta is silver!!!!!! mismatched to say the least

  12. I have to disagree. The outfit looks like a clown suit to me – too much going on. The hair also looks dull and limp.

  13. She looks like she has lost weight.. I like the outfit because I think she looks decent in ethnic outfits..and often fails to impress in western outfits. I thought she looked cute in movies like Chalte Chalte and Kabhi Alvida…. the dupatta in this outfit is nice but I have seen quilt covers in similar patterns and colours at Target. The gold details look out of place but considering the fact that she is at a wedding reception.. I think she looks fine. She probably needs a hair makeover.. and mehndi on the feet looks nice.. so when is she engaged?

  14. I like the dupatta! Something about it is very bright and fun, kind of arty.


    Tassels are for curtains, certain upholstery, and graduation caps ONLY! :(

  15. I can’t believe you guys actually like this monstrosity of an outfit, it’s so ridiculous it makes me want to laugh. The colours, the tassles, the unnecessarily low neck line, what more can I say.

  16. Way too much happening on that frame. Beautiful earrings lost in the busy swirls, diamonds, triangles,colors, fuschia, pink white, silver, yellow, blue, mishmash, wrong shoes, beads, baubles,adding to all this…the hennaed hands and feet!!! Is this a message of Rani’s state of mind? OVERWHELMED???

  17. How refreshing to see Rani!!
    I love the suit, but I agree, perhaps its a tad overwhelming for her petite frame.
    it looks like a sabyasachi…

  18. hmmm.. not feeling the love too… i guess the colour palette is too loud … the dupatta is too much to handle as well..

  19. Not Quite!
    The dupatta is LOUD and in a bad way at that. The pink and Blue could have been minimally done to make it gel better. Wonder what u would say if Vidya Balan wore this outfit! Am not a fan of either but some people are always targeted!

  20. the dress is very outdated! I dont know why actresses wear such gaudy suits when ordinary women wear better salwar kameez than them. The outfit itself looks like its from one of those melodramatic 80’s films. (read Raveena and Karisma’s outfits back then)

  21. I get the sense that she has taken the dupatta from a different set and matched it with the one she is wearing here.

  22. thats def a plunging neckline, which isn’t being highlighted… and her makeup isn’t that exciting…those tassles are a must go!

  23. One of my pet peeves — I hate henna on the foot. It is never flattering IMO and ends up looking like some weird skin issue ( when seen from afar especially).

    Rani’s hair is almost always limp – the gal needs more volume and a good blow out. I love the pink and blue on the dupatta. Hate the tassles.
    She looks nice overall.

  24. I love Rani but the outfit is absolutely horrible, and that pink stands out too much and it irritates the eyes..

  25. I don’t like her outfit at all . Minus her dupatta she would have looked great . I’m sure I saw her wearing this before . I’m just happy for her much deserved weight loss :)

  26. Rani always favours these long,flowing duppattas that dont really suit her built- though this duppatta is lovely-can’t say the same about the dress. Btw, she is wearing a rather deep cut kurta- showing more cleavage than she normally does at a public function!

  27. @jiji- rani needs the hit the gym? Are you kidding me? She’s already lost so much weight. And she looks a lot better now.

    But that suit on that body does NOT look good. There’s way too much happening there. And her face looks so tired and hair so limp-it’s not a well put together ensemble at all. Come on Rani- you can do better!

  28. ohhhhhhhhh…i love rani….i can totally overlook everythign for her!!!!

    GOOOO RANI!!! she has lost so muich weight!!!

  29. omg…she looks so petite and tiny….she has lost OOODLES of weight…man!!!how do they do that? and love love love rani!! my favorite!!!! also i love her eareings!!

  30. i love love love rani too!!!! omg….she has lost so much weight and looking fresh adn not gaunt….j’aime! j’aime!!!!

    love the hot pink borders too!!!


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