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  1. Pragya at | | Reply

    Looks beautiful!My queen I miss her so much!

  2. Rtmish at | | Reply

    I can’t be the only one who finds the jewelry a bit… Ahem…. Crass….

    That necklace would have worked with a monochrome chiffon screen + blouse pairing

    The kanjeevaram doesn’t need jewelry like that…. Please…

    1. Lulu at | | Reply

      Nope you are not the only one! I am with you. Traditional doesn’t always mean going all out. I find the entire ensemble too much. The colored frizzy hair, pink bindi, loud makeup, jewelry. This would have looked nicer with everything toned down

    2. prep-y at | | Reply


  3. Shasha at | | Reply

    That necklace is called Gutta Pusalu. It’s traditional jewellery worn by the bride for weddings in Telangana. Looks very beautiful when worn as bridal jewellery but Rani Mukherjee makes it an eyesore

    1. Sugo at | | Reply

      Worn as a bridal jewelry by telugu people**

      1. Par at | | Reply

        Maybe just the earrings and skip the necklace would have made it more tasteful….

  4. Vinni at | | Reply

    She looks like any ordinary woman.
    On a side note please leave her at the time of festivities. The photographer should not be even clicking pictures at the moment.

    1. Moni Pal at | | Reply

      Its the celebrities’ presence at poojas which makes the particular venue/’pandal’ special. If they would not be photographed, whole purpose would be lost!

  5. Sp at | | Reply

    Ok – she’s been seen after ages but that is not a sight fir sore eyes…. more in the whatheheyyy territory. The over the top jewellery, heavy handed make up, heavy sari …., nothing works.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      +100. wthey.

  6. Maryam at | | Reply

    She looks pretty but the saree with such heavy jewelry is too OTT. Also its durga puja not someone’s wedding

  7. Tanvi at | | Reply

    Her smiling face!

  8. Ria at | | Reply

    So so lovely.

  9. Avani at | | Reply

    Heavy kanchivaram sari and jewelry, only Rekha ji can get away with that while looking lovely even in a non-wedding scenario. Here she just looks ridiculous because everything looks so loud. More like the high decible screeching villains (lady) of the 90’s south indian movies. Lol

  10. Slc at | | Reply

    With the exception of past two years Rani always attends Durga asthami. She has always worn amazing and yes ott and jewelry. I love it! It is so good to see her…major love!

  11. Tina at | | Reply

    people, you do realize that the Flash makes the outfit (saree in this case) shine… the silk saree seems so apt for the occasion and the the flash makes it seems too bright..she looks lovely

  12. Charu at | | Reply

    The necklace is too much.The whole look is not working.
    When I saw the picture at first I thought it was Reena Roy.

  13. Fergie at | | Reply

    Very gaudy look and OTT jewellery. Certainly not a sight for sore eyes.

  14. Panache at | | Reply

    Although jewellary seems OTT, i simply give this look a free pass because anything which is indian gets a free pass during festive season

  15. KT at | | Reply

    Not only is everything about her outfit totally over the top (kanjeevaram two-toned silk with zari, the gaudy jewelry, the makeup, the unsettled bangs, the clownish makeup), but also the way she carries herself is clumsy. This is so not a sight for sore eyes! Rani is a beautiful woman and can do so much better!

  16. Asha at | | Reply

    Too gaudy and OTT. The jewelry, hair, shiny saree…all too much.

  17. 80's girl at | | Reply

    I think her saree is pretty apt for for a festival…the flash sure makes it more flashy though.The necklace ( traditional gutta pusala mala as its called) is a beautiful piece of jewelry,however combined with the flash photography here looks OTT.

  18. from-chitown at | | Reply

    It’s great to see Rani on these pages after such a long time, can’t say the same about her outfit. The saree is too loud, I wish the border on the saree was smaller. The jewelry is way OTT and her hair is very messy.

  19. Ayesha at | | Reply

    Don’t know why people are griping about her necklace? Looks pretty fabulous to me, pretty common piece of jewellery in the south but I’ve never seen one quite this size. I think she looks stunning, that colour is really suiting her.

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