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  1. Padma at | | Reply

    Since it was a promotion via the RADIO, dont think the look was really important here. Of the 2, Vidya looks nice.

  2. chaltaphirta at | | Reply

    I think they both look lovely!

    1. charan at | | Reply

      I am liking both as well.

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Clothes wise, Vidya does marginally better. BUT LOVE their faces with fresh/minimal make up and the lovely long hair.

    1. Nidhi at | | Reply


      1. shireen at | | Reply

        exactly! love both the looks

  4. vin at | | Reply

    i think vidya fares better here…. Rani looks like she wants to go back to college…

  5. Adara at | | Reply

    Both look homeless! Btw, Why do some actresses don’t get the flak from you ladies for wearing distressed denims? ;P

  6. Ratna at | | Reply

    That shirt is too long for pants. And Rani does NOT look good in jeans. Yeah, maybe dark bootcut jeans. But NOT this one. Or the one she wore in Being Human Fashion Show.

    1. seema at | | Reply

      yeah true

  7. chilli at | | Reply

    i dnt find anything wrong with this look . is apt for the occasion . the gurls have come for a radio station show , are not suppose to face any cameras .. so obviously have dressed as per their comfort.. moreover they are constantly under lime light.. so obviuosly get little time to dress for themselves rather than for brands .. i mean give them a break guyzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Faiza at | | Reply

    i like their casual look.. both look beautiful nd simple

  9. StilletoGal at | | Reply

    I hate to say this but, barring the shoes, Vidya looks amazing and nice.

  10. V at | | Reply

    I almost feel sorry for Rani. She fails miserably in her desperate attempt to fit in with the ‘young & happening’ generation that’s hit Bollywood! C’mon, distressed jeans rolled up, terrible hair and a sorry excuse for a top?? And don’t even get me started on the footwear!!

    Vidhya looks way better in comparison. SHe just needed to iron her top.

  11. Natasha at | | Reply

    Come on, Vidya looks rather nice. Casual means casual, i.e. not being dressed to the nines and made up beyond belief at all times.

  12. Myla at | | Reply

    I’m a HUGE Vidya Balan fan so its Vidya’s look over Rani’s for me. Besides, I just don’t like phatela jeans.

    1. navya at | | Reply

      LOL on the “phatela jeans”. This is so cute.

  13. GreenMint at | | Reply

    Surprisingly Vidya is luking very pretty !

  14. quirky at | | Reply

    Love how they look normal !! its refreshing to see non-dolled up versions of the beauties at times…of the two i’m loving rani..vidya looks nice too, but her hair makes her look fresh out of bed :P

    may be we should start accepting that “normal” can be good looking too !! and considering these actresses influence all sorts of fashion trends, it would be interesting to see if they start influencng “normal/casula” fashion sense in the young indian minds too…i mean, come on…how many can really afford a sabyasachi !!

  15. Tina at | | Reply

    I dont like vidya balan. but in this pic, she is looking amazing.

  16. Sharmistha at | | Reply

    I liked both their looks, minimalistic make-up suits these powerhouse performers. Acting shouldn’t always have to be about dolling up for the cameras, right? What are models for anyway? :)

  17. SMV at | | Reply

    Even though they dont look that good, I like Vidya coz for a change she has given up those ugly 3/4th sleeve behanji blouses and is not looking like a behanji…if u r an actress u shud look like one :)

  18. RS at | | Reply

    Rani looks homeless and Vidya could’ve ironed her top but this round goes to Vidya for that beautiful face.

  19. dn at | | Reply

    Vidya looks nice (an ironed top would have been better). Rani’s face looks amazing, she has quite a thick layer of make-up, apparent in other photos, so I am sure she wasn’t not-dressing for the radio – so that outfit is inexcusable.

  20. suchi at | | Reply

    vidya actually looks pretty nice and casual.those skinny jeans look good with the long top. that fabric gets crusehd easily, that is part of the charm

  21. ClassyandFabulous at | | Reply

    i doubt rani like vidya much

  22. uumema at | | Reply

    they both look natural and relaxed….not every appearance of stars should be discussed on a fashion blog,they should have a right to look natural and we should appreciate it instead we appreciate photoshopped pictures…have we gone crazy!!

    1. umaraval at | | Reply

      i so agree…both look nice !

  23. shriya at | | Reply

    these jeans are doing nothing for rani. they are making her look sooooo dishevelled. vidya looks fine.

  24. Harsh at | | Reply

    y rani wore toilet slippers here?

  25. deemelinda at | | Reply

    rani seems too old for this look..vidyas kurta is way too plain..too much effort to looked dressed down

  26. falguni at | | Reply

    vidhya luk fares as well rani is alwys cute..luuuvvvvv u rani

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