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  1. sheets at | | Reply

    *screaammmmmms* i want vidhya s sareeeee!!!

  2. swati shetty at | | Reply

    Love the picture!!! three beautiful people, but sabya clearly looks the best…luuurve his look!!!

    1. AnI at | | Reply

      u stole my words…sabya steals d show 4 me…

      1. Soho at | | Reply

        agree Sabya looks the best!

        1. nav at | | Reply

          a trio of good looking people.

  3. KS at | | Reply

    yay yay i have tussar saree like rani’s (actually my moms ;)) and i want vidhya’s. Agree they all look good.

  4. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I like Rani’s saree more… just not the way she wears it!!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Ya Same here ! I like rani’s saree more. It would have looked awesome if she chose a 3/4 sleeve length on the blouse and avoided the half boob show she always does.

      But i am jealous how Vidya can make the saree front pleats fall so amazingly every single time !!!

      1. uumema at | | Reply

        i think sleeveless blouse look more sexy,vidya here looks older than rani just because the way she wore her sari!!

  5. kanika at | | Reply

    I like Rani’s sari wayy more…

    Is Vidya’s blouse the same material/print as Saba’s kurta ??!

  6. Faiza at | | Reply

    OMG Beautiful . love da saris and it looks good on the ladies ass well.

  7. Sonia at | | Reply

    although i like rani’s sari more, vidya’s hair, makeup, blouse and jewelry make her look a thousand times better than rani. she looks gorgeous!

  8. Faria at | | Reply

    I don’t care if someone thinks that Vidya gives the same look over and over again, she looks good when she wears saree this way and she seems happier.

    Don’t like rani’s one boob covered look, takes attention away from the beautiful saree!

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      I agree, she does look beautiful, most times her make up and hair are a 10 on 10.

  9. lolita at | | Reply

    They all look great…but stripes and boxes in my outfits are a complete turn-offs for me!!

  10. RS at | | Reply

    Gosh! Three perfectly dressed people. What’s not to love?

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Both I, too, prefer Rani’s saree… but Vidya does indeed look far more gorgeous!
    The retro look has always worked wonders on Vidya, she should embrace it.

  12. arpitha at | | Reply

    rani looks so nice, young & fresh here.
    i like her small bindhi. but not liking the obs (one boob show).

  13. ss at | | Reply

    Really like the sarees …but somehow Vidya looks pregnant here lol … i mean Rani looks more slim and elegant here though vidya’s saree is more beautiful.

  14. Princess at | | Reply

    somebody please tell me the name of sabya’s new store.pleeeeeeease.

  15. Mahashweta at | | Reply

    Vidya has mogra in her hair and a nose ring … the picture isn’t capturing that !!

    1. shyba at | | Reply

      Oh I think u were there in the show,hw lucky….if u have more photos pls put it

  16. akaa at | | Reply

    You’re kidding .. Rani is the one who looks amazing here..
    afterSabya, of course!! Why don;t guys dress up like that
    more often?
    No one can beat Rani in a saree .. Rani looks way more elegant , yet fresher and triendier .. Vidya looks good but like she belongs to a different era altogether!

    1. RucHii at | | Reply

      i agree…am not liking Vidya’s sari much..it looks like a cross between jaipuri-tie & dye sari and a cheap border sari…the hairstyle and jewelry ages her too much..rani looks young and refreshing in-spite of wearing Sabya again..and Sabya’s saris are nice..but you don’t need to pay that much for them..there are thousands of places in India where you get saris like these..

      1. deewani at | | Reply

        agree with the last line.. my aunts in india have sarees that r exactly like sabya’s… I don’t understand the obsession with Sabya.. its not like he creates something unique

        1. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

          yah….very ordinary looking sarees…..+ vidya almost looks like an aunty herself…..isn’t Rani’s one similar to what vidya wore at sabya’s previous show?
          all three outfits look very Bengal-inspired

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Ya man ! Why dont more guys dress up like that !!

  17. miumiauw at | | Reply


  18. Nick at | | Reply

    Love Vidya’s look and Sabya’s kurta and jacket. Rani looks same umm.. almost everything hair, makeup, bluse is the same. The sari is nice.

  19. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Sabya is totally stealing the show for me, simply because we hardly ever see Indian guys in Desi, and even on the rare occasion that they do wear kurtas, its never done this well!! Personally, I WOULD love to see omre Indian men in regal, traditional clothing.

    P.S- Vidya looks very pretty, love the sari colors

    1. Hema at | | Reply

      Just wondering what exactly is “traditional” clothing for men in India. Kurta or dhothi? Writer V.S. Naipaul is said to have hated to see women and men in India don churidar/salwar or pajama kurta. Acc. to him, it is just an import from the muslim invaders just like trousers/dresses came from the western invaders. He preferred to see Indian women in sarees and men in dhothi. I’m not arguing about this subject, just musing out aloud, I suppose. I do think saree and dhothi predate all these other “borrowed” styles – at least, that’s what I gather from a look at ancient art/ sculptures.

      1. sdn at | | Reply

        VS Naipaul had his prejudices against specific communities and that sort of a comment is an unecessary jab at India’s multicultural society. Ethnic wear among men today can be sherwanis, a crisp kurta with jeans or even khadi shirts can be thought of as having the ethnic tinge. I have nothing against dhotis either, just wondering how easy it is to pull off as formal wear.

        1. bongbabe at | | Reply

          agree completely with SDN.

      2. sri at | | Reply

        @hema – interesting note on traditional clothing..i was thinking along the same lines..

  20. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    I dont understand the ‘one boob covered’ comment on this post. You can only see a portion of Rani’s chest which is decently covered by her non-flimsy blouse. It isnt that the draping ruins the gorgeous sari, its just that some people have a rigid fixation which supposedly revealed cleavage (even when it is completely concealed behind a thick black blouse).
    Personally, I think its quite cheap to reduce a look to the skin that it reveals (more so when it doesnt reveal any skin) and disregard its asthethics. She’s a woman in an outfit not just a pair of breasts and legs, so no it doesn’t take away any attention . A sexy sari blouse or a risque couture dress can be appreciated if it looks good.
    If it looks vulgar (which this does not), then of course it intefers with the asthethic appreciation, and you can criticize it.

    1. uumema at | | Reply

      i agree.you are so right!!

    2. eclat at | | Reply

      I agree… some of the comments on this blog are surprisingly Puritan. Sometimes, no- make that many times, I think we women are our own worst enemies.

    3. Licious at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree Moree!!! :D

  21. dn at | | Reply

    They are all looking smashing!! I too first thought Vidya looked better, but Rani is growing on me. Now I think all 3 look equally good.

    1. dn at | | Reply

      Also, I think Rani’s blouse is same material as Sabya’s vest.

  22. AM at | | Reply

    Liking Rani here.

    One boob aka saree left undraped over one part of blouse – the 50s heroines like Nargis used to do a lot of it so Rani is keeping good company :-)

  23. shyba at | | Reply

    Sabya ………………..u Rock….loved Vidya’s saree more…may be that colour

  24. shyba at | | Reply

    Payal pls try to post more pics frm the show………..

  25. SM at | | Reply

    I love Sabya and I love Vidya dressed in Sabya! The colour of Vidya’s saree is simply beautiful!

  26. SMV at | | Reply

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….Vidya is looking like an aunty …its def Rani for me

  27. Hema at | | Reply

    Don’t the three of them look fab!! I don’t care for Vidya’s saree, but she looks breathtakingly beautiful. She seems to have finally learnt how to drape a saree and pose in it. Rani’s saree is quite pretty and she too looks lovely, but Vidya trumps them all.

  28. uumema at | | Reply

    the picture is lovely they look so good…but for me Rani wins!!she looks sexy fresh and young i will wear this saree any day…

    i like vidya’s saree too but cant understand that how can anyone like her look here ..the way she wore the dress and everything she ended up looking like more than her actual age and aunty type!!! and we never want to do that its not a very fashionable thing to do or is it???i will wear this saree when i’ll be 40.

  29. SS at | | Reply

    forget the ladies, seen that before. Love Sabya’s look. He looks so handsome…. yeah, why do more men not look like him?

  30. rounak at | | Reply

    my mouth refuses to closeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. Licious at | | Reply

    Both the girls Look Lovely! I like vidya’s Look in here, Her make-up & all looks great! she actually tried to look good :D

    Rani didn’t even try yet she Looks gorgeous! Love the saree! a saree seems so natural on her! wearing a saree is not easy!! she pulled it off amazingly! :D So, Rani wins!!

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