Well Suited


You gotta love a man in a crisp suit…Any day we’ll take both his suit avatars over what he wore to the People Magazine event. An event that had him unveil the issue that had him as sexiest man alive!


Ranbir Kapoor
Left: at ‘Rocket Singh’ Photo Call at Dubai International Film Festival
Right: at ‘Rocket Singh’ Premiere at Dubai International Film Festival


Ranbir Kapoor at People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man” Issue Unveiling

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Wireimage


  1. aww love him in the first pic with a little stubble!! He rocks…true to his name he’s surpassed every other actor in the tinsel town!! He’s ultimate :)

  2. OMG he is awesome every mausam… n that sexiest man unveiling issue is his looks for his new movie ANJAANA ANJAANI i think !!! :D Ranbir kapoor oh u r the sexiest !!! well cutest too :-P

  3. I love him in the suit.

    Ready to forgive him in the casual avatar, for wearing a Rocky Balboa Tshirt…am a big fan of the rocky series :D

  4. He looks good in everything! I totally agree with people’s decision to make him the sexist man cuz he totally deserves it with his acting, personality n looks! we need to have more young stars like him n imran in bollywood the 40 years old should stop coming as college boys!

  5. i can’t believe how bad he looks in the jeans and leather jacket. he looks good in the suits. i wonder now if ranbir’s success is due to the clothes making the man rather than vice versa.

  6. nice looking guy, I like his style. Looks great in the suits, prefer the one without the tie. I am not a fan of very stressed jeans. do not know what they are supposed to represent

  7. I’m going against the tide here and will say he looks nice in the gray suit. But i don’t find hot or sexy – he looks like a dork most of the time. I guess being a movie star (and rich) makes a guy more attractive. lol

    • nopes, it’s not about him being a movie star or being rich, we’re not that shallow =) we all have different tastes in men, and hallelujah for that!
      fyi, my ex looks just like ranbir, and he’s certainly no movie star!

  8. ranbir! sexiest man alive!
    i feel old!
    its cradle snatching !!!
    sexy is not just a gorgeous body… its that PLUS the” X” factor … and he’s too young/inexperienced for that.


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