In Veda Raheja


With her hair up and in a Veda Raheja gown featuring sheer panels, Ramona attended a recent Awards Night. With the only pop of color coming via her nails, wing-tipped eyes and minimal jewelry finished out her look. The risqué gown while perfect for the occasion just wasn’t one we were big on; not quite feeling the look.

Ramona Arena In Veda Raheja At VH1 Sound Nation Awards

Ramona Arena At VH1 Sound Nation Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. OH YUCK. how do you sit down in this without keeping a shawl on your lap to prevent from everybody getting to see more than anybody needs to?

  2. Why would you highlight the worst feature of your body? Monica Dogra was the show stopper wearing this at the fashion show, and she looked terrible in it as well. P.S. This gown looks even more ghastly from the side! Ramona Arena= Fashion Victim

  3. More than anything she looks so self-conscious and uncomfortable…if she looked confident and wore the dress rather than the dress wearing her…may have sold the look!

  4. HHC has featured more ugly gowns in the past 1 month than I’ve seen in my entire life. (film festival in florida takes the cake)
    Not sure what’s going on with the Indian designers.
    That aside, the eye makeup needs help. Cat eye doesn’t suit you Veda.


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