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  1. Kimmy at | | Reply

    I’m going with Saru on this one, girls! At least hers is worn a little more tastefully…Rakhi just looks bad, not to mention she’s got a animal print match-much going on herself!

  2. Jayanthi P at | | Reply

    Trashy!!! The photos announce “Attention Needed!”

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    well…it’s nothing new on Rakhi…but
    yeah *gag*

  4. maya at | | Reply

    that is a dress that screams RAKHI SAWANT.
    the lady is an original. love her.

  5. PM at | | Reply

    Like the red version on Rakhi.

  6. no at | | Reply

    nope! rakhi sawant wears it worse…she looks nasty

  7. divi at | | Reply

    Never expected anyone else to wear this dress. This is a rakhi sawant patent.

  8. padma at | | Reply

    why is Rakhi Sawant even on a fashion blog, for what not to wears? for how to dress up trashy? for who is the last person to take fashion tips from? or all the above?

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