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  1. Belle at | | Reply

    oh dear….OLD-LIFE crisis anyone?

    you know what, that blonde mop looks more like a wig…!

    and the socks!! if it’s that cold…then please wear PANTS!

  2. Ritu at | | Reply

    I hold this man responsible for ruining my eyesight.

  3. apsara77 at | | Reply

    oh lord! i think capris on men should be banned and he could take some lessons on aging gracefully from his (ex?) wife dimple and daughter twinkle…

  4. Bella at | | Reply

    Hillarious fashion! Takes courage to wear that but Still have a soft corner for him though cause he created lovely Twinkle.

  5. Medha at | | Reply

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What has happened to him?!!!! :O:O

    Oh dear God MY EYES!

  6. Saniya at | | Reply

    He’s straight right?


  7. Fatima at | | Reply


  8. Carol at | | Reply

    LMAO – no comment

  9. roop at | | Reply

    oh my good god!

  10. Loulwa at | | Reply

    oh. my. god.

    actually LMFAO….sorry guys but I just cant stop laughing here!!! lol lol lol

  11. dn at | | Reply

    This is so sad… no sane person would come out of the house like this.

  12. Violet at | | Reply

    I feel Really bad seeing this but hey, he is open to experimentation! That’s the best thing I can see in this :).
    He was truly very handsome in his younger days. Just glad to SEE him though. Good to see he is doing fine.

  13. diptiN at | | Reply

    interesting airport look. If nothing else he will be comfortable.

  14. Shalini at | | Reply


  15. i?makeup at | | Reply

    Seriously WTF is this?

    I’m in utter shock/disgust. I don’t know what scarier the capris or those socks? Or those chicken legs? LMAO

  16. K at | | Reply

    Ooooh, I think I saw him wearing a kilt in Scotland…. ;)

  17. K at | | Reply

    @ Bella – Holy crap! I just realised he’s daddy to a fashionista!!!!

  18. ranjini at | | Reply

    poor guy
    hes trying to come out of exile and be hip and cool. we should cut him some slack-if only for old times sake

  19. Kaya at | | Reply


    *clears throat*

    <3ed the “…Twinkle just crawled under the table comment!”lol

  20. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Err, maybe Twinkle can give him some fashion tips?

  21. Megha at | | Reply

    shouldnt he win the WTHeyyyyy of the year?

  22. pdaervo at | | Reply

    He looks oddly cute o_O you know, in that completely clueless way.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m going crazy.
    HAHAHAHA, the socks :D

  23. T at | | Reply

    may be he suffers from Aviophobia ..?

  24. Smoothiesbarf at | | Reply

    I feel pretty,
    Oh so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and…

  25. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Holy cow!!! I hope Twinkle drags him home and gives him a piece of her mind, and some sense!

  26. for hhc at | | Reply

    Fools! Dont you know … he is cross-dressing – those are Dimple’s clothes … the puff sleeves top, the capris …

  27. Missy Mochi at | | Reply

    hahaha… what in the world is that Kakaji

  28. Sharin at | | Reply

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Pleaseeeeee :(:( you should have hidden the pic and given us a warning. I’m heartbroken

  29. annies at | | Reply

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha..amd twinkle khanna his daughter…ohmygod this is too hilarious cant stop laughing hahahah!!

  30. viz at | | Reply

    the first thing that came to my head when i saw this picture – Is Twinkle Khanna really his daughter????..cannot be possible!!!!

  31. koel at | | Reply

    You’re right about hiding from mom part P & P! Though I feel bad I don’t want to say anything catty about this.

  32. Ranjani at | | Reply


  33. Dips at | | Reply

    I cant believe what i am seeing :) Cant stop gazing at it!

  34. Ritu at | | Reply

    Oh my God I don’t know what’s funnier, his outfit or the comments :D

  35. deepali at | | Reply

    thank u guys for this hilarious post… thanks for making me lose a lot of calories as ever since I have seen this.. am rolling on the floor..!!

  36. Another Megha at | | Reply


  37. R at | | Reply

    well… after that wafaa trailer… i’ll digest ANYthing else! eww!!!
    and yeah… hiding this from my mom as well!

  38. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    hehehehe, gotta show this to my dad now eheh:P

  39. me at | | Reply

    OH MY GOD, oh my lord, I thought I have seen it all but I was wrong, Twinkle I hold you responsible, how can you let your dad walk out of the home looking like this, This is a crime, Rajish is known for his romantic film and charming character but this, this is out of a horror movie, poor guy, he going through mid life crisis

  40. But then, someone had to tell you at | | Reply

    My eyes, my eyes, oh lord, my eyes.

  41. KK at | | Reply

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

  42. susan at | | Reply

    ha ha ha…he has lost it!!!…ha ha ha..ha ha ha…

  43. Bubbles at | | Reply

    oh man what the HEY!?! As much as this is funny & ugly, I cant help feeling sorry for the man, there has to be something seriously wrong with you when you decide to wear this in public …or private.

  44. olala at | | Reply

    I have an explanation for this.

    He is going to board a long flight.
    He wanted to travel light and so decided to wear the pair of formal shoes that he would need wiht his suit. That way he saved on packing them.

    And he does look embarassed at being photographed. May be he was not expecitng photographers here.

  45. Bhavin at | | Reply

    OMG !!! I agree wth olala’s explanation

  46. Atiq at | | Reply

    All u girls making fun of Rajesh lets see how u would look just 10 years from now,forget when u are 70 like him.And who is to know what you are wearing today does not make you look weird.This guy proved everything he had to, to, entire world and is simply standing there with a “the hell i care attitude”It is beyond your IQ so forget it.
    A genius is a bit of crackpot too….

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