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  1. adity at | | Reply

    Raima’s top reminds me of Sonali Kulkarni’s transparent blunder and later Tanisha’s.

  2. malini at | | Reply

    hahaha… they can give kumar family circus some serious competition..

  3. jia at | | Reply

    Hey P&P question for you how do you distinguish b/w a modified and a fake bag ?

  4. luvstonz at | | Reply

    like Raima’s bag…can’t see the blunder?

  5. Madhu at | | Reply

    Thank you P&P for this pic of Moon Moon Sen – my husband’s favorite “gal”, I’m going to blow up this picture and make it his screensaver, he’s going to RUNNNNNNN for cover or probably will never log onto the computer. hahaha…Why did she let herself go like this???? Sorry, was I supposed to be looking at the bag in her hand, oops, could’nt get past her face and body….

  6. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Would have never guessed it was Moon Moon ! Was expecting to see ” Some random lady with the Cartier bag” under the pic !

  7. nita at | | Reply

    looks like a fake since the original doesnt come in this silver color

  8. priya at | | Reply

    raima looks awesome face-up! rest of the stuff on her and her mom is horrendous!

  9. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Raima is so pretty…she has such unique looks
    although, I hope she doens’t look exactly like her ma when she gets older
    …Raima’s bag is (GASP) growing on me o_O
    I can’t help it, it has tigers on it!!!!!!!!!

  10. desdemona at | | Reply

    Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyy Goooooooood !! Is that moon moon sen????????? how cud she let this happen to her?

  11. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i dont mind the flap bag in that cream color actually..

  12. Adit at | | Reply

    I met her a few years back at a wedding, she looks exactly like this pic…it was relative of Gayatri Devi’s getting married….it was a yikes moment for me too..

    On the bags, both are hideous, i dont care what the label is… hideous

  13. salzie at | | Reply

    I showed my hubby MoonMoon Sen’s pic n he looked at me, smiled n said she IS older now. I think he said it best. Everyone ages differently. But her daughter, Raima, is gorgeous.

    I love the tiger bag..lolz yes, I”m a weirdo.

  14. mia at | | Reply

    raima has a pretty face. moon moon still has great skin despite the xtra weight. agree that the bags are yucky.

  15. K at | | Reply

    Moon Moon (what a unique name!) used to be SUCH a beautiful and sensual woman back in the day… one look at her, and you’d think “Sexy.” And I’m straight.. LOL! But seriously, she was very pretty. A lot like Riya but better – I guess Raima took after her Naani (Suchitra Sen) and Riya after her mother. Geddit, geddit? Former two are actresses, the latter are (really) pretty ladies!

  16. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    Moon Moon sen? What to say man?

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