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    Wow Raima looks stunning…the ahir and make-up, so fresh faced and color works wonders on her. But what is wrong with Esha Deol…she looks like one of those behenji-turned-modern in this dress and the bling…..

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    hair*….also missed adding for Raima, only thin donn like is that clutch.

  3. eshaflak at | | Reply

    Esha gets a whole load of flak from left, right, center. She does not look great, but she is not at all tacktastic!!
    This girl has potential, but everyone seems to be out to crush her. I thought she looked fantastic in the desi lehengas, or in bright colors with good facial makeup. The lush hair extensions used by some actresses would work for her, and she could incorporate bangs. Raima looks messy…overflowing dress, hair….but I don’t see anyone giving her the flak. Esha, pull yourself up girl, and show the world who you can be!

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