1. Dress Color – Looks like ” bronze woman” ( As in “Tin Man” from wizard of OZ)

    Dress Flow – Horrible
    Makeup – B (OK)
    Jewelry – B (OK)
    Shoes – C (Granny shoes)
    Attitude – B+
    Overall – C +

  2. It’s a badly put-together outfit. (What the hell is the stitching at the very bottom on the front?) I do like the necklace, though. However, overall, not bad enough to be a WTHey. :) Can Mita please go back to desi cotton outfits, that she looks supremely hotter in?

  3. Hmmm…where do I begin?

    It flunked overall as a evening dress should not have all those wrinkles and is not an outfit that can be worn as,” I’ve got a few places to go before the Premier” so let me pack all the things I will need along the way!


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