1. One thing I love about this girl is that she never exposes. Even in her prime she was always well dressed and never did any unnecessary skin show. She’s jus so classy.

  2. I am reallly not liking this look. the colour washes her out and the way the saree falls on her chest (though the half boob show is not as bad because of the blouse), just shape of the saree there when it doesnt make that curve along the boobs, its just not right…hard to explain….its too straight now…

  3. She looks so cute! As always!! Love the choice of the clutch with the saree. I probably wouldn’t wear that saree myself, but she looks good.
    About the pallu doing peek-a-boob, I don’t think you need to worry that much if the blouse is not the normal style, but more like a ghaghra top (you wouldn’t be expecting people to cover their cholis with a dupatta for a ghaghra, right?). If the blouse is teeny weeny, then please cover up, always!!

  4. I loooovvvee the fact this girl never exposes. beautiful look this is ! i was at the italian do, trust me, raageshwari looks millions times better personally. always smiling this girl.

  5. oh gosh !! gorgeous stunning sexy !!
    i love this saree…….SO WANT IT NOW !! can anyone tell me who is the designer ??? PLEAASSSEEE !!!


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