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  1. dn at | | Reply

    Fab. One of the very few times she has looked really nice. Lovely color and good makeup.

  2. Anubha at | | Reply

    After THAt debacle , any sighting will only be better .
    wish she had some de-blinged clutch .

  3. Fashionmeal at | | Reply

    I think this is Oscar De La Renta. Not sure though. If it IS Jatin Verma then we can all tell where he got his inspiration from.

  4. jamtin at | | Reply

    iv never thought queenie looked good in anything!

  5. Sej at | | Reply

    I am sorry – I am ready to face the brickbats if need be – but can she please just finally dress her age for once. She’s gotta nice body and her face is pretty but her age still shows and I wish she would age gracefully.

  6. anne at | | Reply

    Super Upgrade….

  7. ltblmr at | | Reply

    This woman accessorizes WAY too much. And no, I don’t think that color looks particularly good on her.

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