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  1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    yes for purple, and follows is the look at Hello Cup, but the footwear….arghh

  2. Zee at | | Reply

    You have to give it to Queenie, she has her own signature style, yes its blingy and tacky, but she is consistent with it. Unlike certain Ms. Kapoor who is all over the map.

  3. MP at | | Reply

    All of them are awful – lady, there are some things only your gynaec should see!

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      Hahahahaha, this comment got me.

  4. gauri at | | Reply

    MOMMMMMMM!! Quit the bodycons!! PLEASE!!

  5. ApplePi at | | Reply

    Love the purple dress! where’s it from?

  6. passionista at | | Reply

    Off the shoulder, boulder holders! That seems to be Queenies signature style. Totally agree – she looks way better when she tones all the bling down.

  7. prakriti at | | Reply

    Good grief!!! All three, especially the purple are serious whattheheys, not the dresses as such, but the wearer and her wayward ways of wearing….That purple is screaming wrong underwear!!

  8. slc at | | Reply

    Yawn! HHC do yourselves a favor…please don’t post Queenie……unless and until she wears something other than clingy Leger like dress. Given the fact she has not an ounce of fat, which is requirement to wear these types of dresses and looks good in them ……She’s beginning to irritate me!

    1. Shilpi at | | Reply


  9. Krk05 at | | Reply

    50 plus women should not raid their teenage daughter’s wardrobe !!

    1. Krk05 at | | Reply

      50 yrs +

      1. Purple at | | Reply


  10. diptiN at | | Reply

    the dresses are bad. cannot understand why she would wear a short short ruched dress with a huge belt? and that clutch!! looks horrible.

  11. QueenBee at | | Reply

    She seems to be a desperate dresser…even if ur in decent shape and ur body may not show it after a while the Face DOES NOT match the clothes…hope she gets tht by the time she’s 60 at least

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