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  1. GG at | | Reply

    Not sure I like the ruffles. Otherwise the gown and fit looks good. Overall she looks pretty and presentable.

  2. slc at | | Reply

    The dress has potential. But the hair is messy and I can’t see anything beyond that.

    1. FashionVictim at | | Reply

      Now that you mentioned the hair… I cant help but notice it… and it definitely needs some styling.
      Love the color, hate the ruffles especially that diamond pattern.

  3. Re at | | Reply

    Who is this beautiful woman?

  4. RM at | | Reply

    The gown – color ad fit both look god on her. Just that there should have been a pop of colour some way….

  5. Daniella at | | Reply

    Bad fit! Colour washes her out, styles very weird, ruffles look tacky,
    Beautiful woman bad outfit.

  6. Avi at | | Reply

    pretty lady .. beautiful face

  7. jasbeer at | | Reply

    The fit is terrible…. pls check the waist… when with G&N stop trying to pick on Dior and like wise….. nothing original….

  8. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the colour…but that ruffled diamond pattern is ghastly. What were the designers thinking? They should’ve known better.

  9. monika at | | Reply

    Not a Cannes look… this could work for a Bollywood awards night!!

  10. $ at | | Reply

    this look leaves you with a felling of something missing !!

  11. joyi at | | Reply

    Make-up is good. She looks really pretty despite the dress.

  12. ruchi at | | Reply

    dislike her hair n make up
    dress looks good

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