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  1. Priya at | | Reply

    two good looks in a row :)

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    By God she is fully dressed and looks nice for a change. I hope this stays and the too-short minis and other tacky choices are a thing of yesterday.

    1. rvc at | | Reply

      I agree – baby steps with Ms. Chopra. Next she needs to ditch the white cakey makeup and do something to her Real Housewives-esque hair, but points for being fully dressed.

  3. Bloo at | | Reply

    I like the tote but the pop of colour to me looks way too forced and just too incongruent? – for want of a better word !

  4. kumar at | | Reply

    that bag looks like sabji ka jhola on a rainy day

    1. crack at | | Reply

      +1…”502 pataka beedi” ka jhola…

      1. Puja at | | Reply

        plus ur pataka bidi comment is just hilarious.. :D

  5. green chilli at | | Reply

    I’m liking the recent looks of hers…simple and casual, like a sassy young lady. One thing though…is it just me or does she come across as insecure about her height?? I would love to have a couple more inches on me as well, but not to the point where I would strap bricks to my feet everywhere I go – much less the airport. And this is coming from a heels-lover.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Eh err.. She is like 5’7″ . That’s like tall compared to most Indian women where the average is just 5 feet or so. I think she just like high heels. She definitely has one of the best collection of shoes among all the bollywood celebrities going by this page.

  6. Trisha at | | Reply

    The bag is carrying her!

  7. Priscilla at | | Reply

    She looks great, but that bag looks really cheap. Looks more like a shopping bag.

  8. Sheikha at | | Reply

    Nice color of bag but not practical for travelling unless it has a zipper? Especially when it goes thru the scanner?

  9. Clueless at | | Reply

    Her jeans look kinda old-fashionedd :O

  10. Puja at | | Reply

    Jeans is completely late 90s style..

  11. aloka at | | Reply

    Love the denims

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