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    Please stop posting PC if she is in tight short dresses. I think we are all over her (and I actually like her).

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    She always looks uncomfortable in her clothes – relax and stop trying so hard.

  4. kaya at | | Reply

    Yawnnn…. x2

    Let’s hope she reads this website including the comment section.

    Let’s start a revolution guys! Lol!

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    actually like her here, atleast there is some color

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    Yes, she looks uncomfortable here.

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    this one tries too hard to be sexy and stylish i have had enough of her already

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    i know its me … i love piggy chops but lately im sick of her herve and the short dresses with the ugly hair …
    and when ever she changes up .. its even painfull to see her in those gawdy all over the city manish malhotra blingy lehengas and anarkalis …

    i think shes hardly even taking a nap … her face looks bolted all the time in public appearances … on covers i think they use .. mariah carey s photo shoppers .. or sarah jessica pees photo shoppers … she looks lika doll on em covers …

  9. aishwarya at | | Reply

    oh god ! another herve leger
    doesnt she hav any other clothes 2 wear????????

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    Why does she always look so worn out ?? I just hav this inkling that though her professional life seems to be rocking she doesnt seem to be really happy at all. Girl you need some rest and peace !!

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    I think people are being unnecessarily harsh just because we’ve had a bit of an overdose of Priyanka on this site recently. If we had just seen this pic after like 6 months of not seeing any pics of her we’d all be going gaga saying she looks so good and we love the dress. Overexposure Priyanka, better watch out. I think she probably is having a rocking time personally and professionally.. she is linked up with Shahid the hottie and hobnobbed with Gerard I mean what more do you want lol?! She does seem tired though I’ll grant you that. It’s the eyes that show it.

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      she works so hard…on top of that she stays so well connected with her fans on twitter…and she also writes for a column in some paper in bombay…honestly, I think she looks smashing here even though she does look a bit tired..I saw a CNN interview of hers with Rajeev Masand where she’s wearing this shirt dress…P&P could u please feature that outfit of hers?…so looks awesome in that interview…hair, make-up..and a dazzling smile…I just wish pple would stop being so hard on her…and yes sharin ur right…its an effect of overexposure :-/

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    I love the dress – the colours are great.
    Would love to know what shoes she wore.

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    boring and …like always trying too hard.

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